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Savoie’s Foods has been a leader in authentic Cajun cuisine for more than 60 years. BBR helped introduce this iconic brand to a younger demographic by creating a fresh new website that caters to their tastes.

The new introduced a bright, bold and fun aesthetic that built upon existing corporate colors. A strong focus on recipes drew new users to the site while also engaging visitors with the recipes best complemented by Savoie’s products.


We designed and built a custom Facebook locator app to help customers find Savoie’s products in a store near them. The app includes a function allowing customers to search for specific products (sausage, boudin, roux, etc.) — making it easier than ever for people to find exactly what they need.

This site has exceeded any expectations I had of making my grandma’s company more personable, accessible to more people and basically just more fun.– MATTHEW LAFLEUR
Web Communications Manager Savoie’s Foods

For decades, Savoie’s products have been synonymous with authentic Cajun cooking. And today, they’re better positioned than ever to share that message with a new generation of chefs and foodies alike.