Acacia Branding

For Acacia Acute Care Surgery, our goal was to introduce the surgical hospitalist model to Southwestern Louisiana through branding that would leave a lasting impression on patients, hospital administrators and surgeons alike. In this project, we developed a company name, created a logo and visual identity, established messaging and developed key collateral materials — including a website — that spoke to Acacia’s three distinct audiences.

Name & Logo Development

Acacia might sounds like a derivative of Acadiana, the region in which the practice is located, but it’s actually based off a very helpful plant. The acacia tree, native to Africa and Australia, was used to treat everything from coughs and colds to skin wounds and digestive issues. Sometimes, its sharp, needle-like thorns were even used as primitive medical needles. And appropriately enough, Acacia’s triangle logo represents the connectivity of its three core audiences — surgeons, patients and hospitals.

Updated Paper System

Additional Elements