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We’re about collaboration — as a team and alongside our clients. We encourage open, honest dialog in pursuit of the perfect solution. We’ve learned that when we work together, we are unstoppable.

Photo of Sara Ashy

Sara Ashy

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Friend Indeed

Mission Control

The Real Redhead

It takes a cool redhead to bring a dose of reality into daily operations. Sara meticulously reviews every element that makes BBR tick, from client budgeting and billing to the business’ long-term trajectory. She’s a calming presence and shoulder-to-lean-on whose sworn enemies are wasted time and fast-and-loose processes.

Photo of Cherie Hebert

Cherie Hebert

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Snake Charmer

Heart Two Sizes Too Big

Resident Brunette

Call it her sixth sense. Call it instinct. Or just call it savvy networking. Cherie is a seasoned specialist supernaturally adept at devising strategies that change the course of business. She’s a tower of tactical power whose strategic bona fides are backed by a diverse background in creative. Cherie can do where others can’t.

Photo of Brie Hodges

Brie Hodges

Senior Account Executive

The Cool Mom

Trapeze Trainee

Le Goof

If BBR were a box of chocolates, Brie would be the cherry chocolate truffle — super sweet with a layer of surprise. As our senior account executive, this giggly gal gets it done. Whatever “it” happens to be. Whether she’s polishing project outputs or priming creatives with cultivated intel, Brie ensures that all final products get a roaring applause.

Photo of Monica Hebert

Monica Hebert

Media Director

Tennis Machine



She’s saucy as she is seasoned. And she’s an expert at getting our clients the most for their media dollars. As media director, Monica’s got a proclivity for prominent placement. She’s the phone-hopping dynamo who ensures the creative we toil over gets the visibility it deserves. Give her a deadline and she’ll get you results.

Photo of Lauren Bourgeois

Lauren Bourgeois

VP, Operations



Process Illuminator

The thing about Lauren is Lauren’s about everything. From vague requests to verbatim revisions, she’s a box-checking, budget-keeping gem. Revered for her humor and relied upon for her meticulous oversight, she’s valued by clients and colleagues alike for her ability to simply, peaceably, get things done.

Photo of Remi LeBlanc

Remi LeBlanc

Project Manager

Chocolate or Else

The Backpacker

Good Vibes

Say hello to the quintessence of calm. Always cool and collected, Remi reels in new clients while simultaneously smoothing agency seas. She’s a purveyor of prospects and prepper of projects, whose glass is always half full. With her knack for new business and surefire optimism, Remi keeps good news on the horizon.

Photo of Daniel Kedinger

Daniel Kedinger

VP, Consumer Engagement

Techno Translator

Apple Evangelist

Coffee Connoisseur

Daniel’s a big-picture thinker with pixel-perfect precision. His contributions are creative catalysts that shape strategies and shift perspectives. He helps turn campaigns into conversions, offering solutions shaped by analytic thinking and driven by data. Daniel’s work isn’t done until he’s defied all expectations.

Photo of Terez Molitor

Terez Molitor

UI/UX Designer


Interface Factory

DIY or Die

Terez is your ticket to a fresh, user-friendly net experience. If she’s not making magic in the kitchen, this Iron Chef is busy whipping up websites that wow. Equipped with her natural instinct for interface functionality and layout aesthetic, Terez has proven to be the key ingredient for any digital endeavor.

Photo of Kirstie Watkins

Kirstie Watkins

Content Specialist

Star Fox



Is she an angel? Is she a hobbit? Is she seriously about to destroy that child’s pokémon? If we’re talking about Kirstie, the answer is a resounding yes. Saucy and strategic, this half-pint plots web domination for clients through cleverly crafted content and online optimization. But not before she eats all of our popcorns, precious.

Photo of Emily Burke

Emily Burke

VP, Account Service & Strategy

Dilemma Deleter


Cheer Captain

>One part practical, two parts tactical, Emily’s an always-on strategist with a talent for translating what-ifs into what’s next. As our VP of account service and strategy, she maintains an expansive field of vision, transforming big-picture goals into clear-cut paths to success. Emily’s the sweetest kick in the pants your business could ask for.

Photo of Kellie Viola

Kellie Viola

Senior Art Director

Queen of Kern

Key HGTV Demo

Ever Clever

Kellie’s work is clean, clever and always kinetic. For her, every pixel of every piece presents an opportunity to raise our clients’ standards. As a marketer, she’s resourceful. As a designer, she’s artful. Kellie’s conceptual prowess is a true asset to every branding initiative. Give her a blank slate, and she’ll leave you with a lasting impression.

Photo of Bria Wheeler

Bria Wheeler

Account Service Director

Infinite Accessories

Urban Naturalist

Festival Devotee

Bria makes it all better. She’s a Louisiana-born national treasure whose ability to parse through particulars provides context in a way even creatives can grasp. She asks the right questions, defends the right answers and can’t stop/won’t stop until each client’s vision comes to fruition. Bria’s good because Bria really cares.

Photo of Eddie Talbot

Eddie Talbot

IT Director/Digital Production

Voice of Sanity

Tech Whiz

Pixel Perfectionist

Every office needs an Eddie. He’s a tech-savvy jack-of-all-trades with an eye for design and a soft spot for silicon. Resourceful, patient and always willing to listen, he’s a digital production perfectionist who puts a fine polish on our final products. As soon as you realize there’s a problem, Eddie’s already working on the solution.

Photo of Samantha Price

Samantha Price

Project Management Director

Sole Sister

Agency All-Star

Leslie Knope 4.0

Sam’s a lifeline in a sea of deadlines — a sharp-witted, kind spirit who guarantees special projects stay on track and that no small detail falls through the cracks. On the clock, she’s on top of her game. Off the clock, she’s clocking personal bests on road or at the bat. Odds are that at any given time, Sam has just what you’re looking for.

Photo of Cali Mitchell

Cali Mitchell

Content Specialist

Leopard Lady

Trash Panda Enthusiast


Cali is a micro-sized miracle-worker operating on a macro level. From pencil to paper to final product, she ensures no message gets lost to the ether. When she’s not crafting audience-tailored content, she’s holding her own by holding the rest of us accountable. Incidentally, Cali can’t not smile.

Photo of Alwyn Delatte

Alwyn Delatte


Voice of the People

Miss Thrift

Diva of Details

When it comes to running the numbers, Alwyn is our go-to gal. As our civic-minded bookkeeper, she reconciles receipts while simultaneously solving issues in the community. With her keen eye for decimal-level detail and proclivity for precision, Alwyn keeps vendors smiling and bank statements sailing from one account to the next.

Photo of Cory Birdsong

Cory Birdsong

Lead Front-End Developer

Player One

Cool Dad

JavaScript Jesus

As BBR’s lead front-end developer, Cory is weaver of web pages that wow. He spends his days crawling through a world of ones and zeroes, spinning digital components into conversions and sleek user experiences. While aesthetics play a role, functionality is Cory’s ultimate forté. His operational mode? Code. His home? The Terminal. His objective? Execute excellence.

Photo of Cory LaGrange

Cory LaGrange

Creative Technology Director


Guitar Hero


The road to web domination is paved with power chords and keywords. Enter Cory, our full-time creative technology director and part-time rock god. SEO savvy and synergistic to boot, this metal maestro slays the competition with comprehensive strategies and killer insight. If online visibility is your jam, Cory is your frontman.

Photo of Laurie Driggs Fontenot

Laurie Driggs Fontenot

Strategic Communications Director


The Planner

Road Tripper

Navigating the whos, wheres and hows of crafting compelling stories and securing positive coverage can be daunting. Luckily, we’ve got Laurie. She understands that strategic communication is an intentional process, and she keeps her eyes on both the digital and PR placement prize. When your brand story is in Laurie’s hands, she hones in on the target audience and never misses her messaging mark.

Photo of Lizzie Viera

Lizzie Viera

Project Manager

Wild Child

Human Jukebox

Treasure Tracker

Every office needs a whimsical free spirit with a calling for collaboration. For us, that’s Lizzie. As BBR’s project manager, she dances details into directives and keeps creatives on pace to project perfection. Cool under pressure and quick on her feet, this smiling songbird will have all aspects of your campaign pulsing in perfect harmony.

Photo of Ali Waguespack

Ali Waguespack

Content Manager

Black Belt Belle

Swirl & Sip

Minutia Mapper

Ali is our content manager and kung fu savante. When she isn’t dominating the dojo, this queen bee is busy throwing down navigation knowledge or kicking up content efficiency. Master of management systems and project preparation, she has the system skills to KO any connectivity issue. If you want to punch up your brand’s online communication, Ali is your girl.

Photo of Blake Lagneaux

Blake Lagneaux

Creative Director

Captain Curiosity

SNL Superfan

Culture Vulture

Do you have answers? Because Blake has questions. Fueled by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he is a go-getter who only pauses for great causes. Blake also acts as a talented translator, ensuring clients and creatives speak the same language and align on a central campaign mission. Stick with him, and your brand will boldly go straight to the hearts and minds of your audience.

Photo of Lauren Dooley

Lauren Dooley

Digital Marketing Technologist

Search Savante

Web Crawler

Data Diva

When the devil is in the details, Lauren grabs life by the data. She’s a search-savvy technologist who spends her days combing through metrics to match tactics with results. Her ability to pair client needs with numbers helps tell the story of any campaign. If a happy ending is on your hitlist, Lauren has the insights to make it happen.

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