We’re about collaboration — as a team and alongside our clients.We encourage open, honest dialog in pursuit of the perfect solution.We’ve learned that when we work together, we are unstoppable.

Cathi Pavy

Partner & CCO

Concept Architect

Mother of Dragons

The Original Blonde

In 1997: I was 28, a newlywed of 21 months and a new mother of a six-month-old baby girl, Lily. I guess you can say I was learning how to be a wife, mother and business owner/partner. It was a crazy year AND one of the best years of my life. Oh yeah, and I traded in my eggplant-colored MX3 for an SUV.

Cathi has what you’d call a penchant for perfection. As creative director and life force behind BBR’s artistic standards, she accepts only the best from her team and for our clients. Cool under pressure and quick on her feet, Cathi’s contributions have led to bolder, better brands and client success stories alike.

Sara Ashy

Partner & CFO

Friend Indeed

Mission Control

The Real Redhead

In 1997: I was the tender age of 31, with three kids under the age of 7 and the bright idea to open a business, possibly lose a steady paycheck, get a divorce and become a working single mother…all at the same time. Was the best freaking year of my life, though.

It takes a cool redhead to bring a dose of reality into daily operations. Sara meticulously reviews every element that makes BBR tick, from client budgeting and billing to the business’ long-term trajectory. She’s a calming presence and shoulder-to-lean-on whose sworn enemies are wasted time and fast-and-loose processes.

Cherie Hebert

Partner & CEO/Account Strategist

Snake Charmer

Heart Two Sizes Too Big

Resident Brunette

In 1997: I was 34 and experiencing a honeymoon period with Cathi and Sara at our little house on Lee Avenue, where we were doing design work. I had two kids at home, one five and one fifteen, and I’m sure I was talking about the diet and exercise I would soon be starting.

Call it her sixth sense. Call it instinct. Or just call it savvy marketing. Cherie is a seasoned specialist supernaturally adept at devising strategies designed to change the course of business. She’s a tower of tactical power whose strategic bona fides are backed by a diverse background in creative. Cherie can do where others can’t.

Lauren Bourgeois

Production Director



Process Illuminator

In 1997: I was in 6th grade, desperately trying to grow out my bangs and working on my jumps in preparation for Jr. High cheerleading tryouts.

The thing about Lauren is Lauren’s about everything. From vague requests to verbatim revisions, she’s a box-checking, budget-keeping gem. Revered for her humor and relied upon for her meticulous oversight, she’s valued by clients and colleagues alike for her ability to simply, peaceably, get things done.

Bria Wheeler

Account Service Director

Infinite Accessories

Urban Naturalist

Festival Devotee

In 1997: I was in 2nd grade at Summerfield Elementary in Shreveport. I was obsessed with all things purple (literally everything had to be purple), and I was just beginning my career as a competitive cheerleader. (Go Tigers!)

Bria makes it all better. She’s a Louisiana-born national treasure whose ability to parse through particulars provides context in a way even creatives can grasp. She asks the right questions, defends the right answers and can’t stop/won’t stop until each client’s vision comes to fruition. Bria’s good because Bria really cares.

Tim Landry

Senior Copywriter

Jerk of All Trades

Picky Eater

Is He Joking?

In 1997: I was in 8th grade and by extension embarrassed by anything I couldn’t control. I had the metabolism of a hummingbird, ran JV track and was intelligent enough to know at that point in time that Seinfeld just wasn’t what it used to be.

Tim is our copywriter, but he hasn’t once let it go to his big, perfect, beautiful head. His wit, way with words and ability to get to the point already make him an asset to any and all creative initiatives. Tim is convinced everyone is a copywriter at heart, but he has all the red pens, so deal with it.

Julie Gauthier

Public Relations Director


Grammar Guru

Hair Twirler

In 1997: I was in my senior year of high school. My proudest accomplishment was finagling my way out of a gifted physics class I was failing and into a cushy job in the principal’s office.

Julie makes her home at the intersection of marketing creativity and journalistic credibility. She holds firm that a jack-of-all-trades mindset is critical to crafting compelling stories and securing positive coverage. Every client is newsworthy — it’s just a matter of finding the right angle. And if Julie’s got your back, rest assured she’ll put your best foot forward.

Daniel Kedinger

Digital Marketing Director

Techno Translator

Apple Evangelist

Coffee Connoisseur

In 1997: I was a sophomore in high school in the metropolis of Rayne, LA. I was super into drama and was a cameraman and editor for our weekly, student-produced news show called “Rayne, Alive!”

Daniel has replaced Googling around these parts. He’s a big-picture thinker whose contributions helped build our digital department and, by extension, the majority of our clients’ websites. He helps turn clicks into conversions, offering solutions shaped by strategic thinking and driven by data. Daniel’s work isn’t done until he’s defied all expectations.

Brittanny Walker

Project Manager

Sister Soprano

The Scholar

Trapper Keeper Deluxe

In 1997: I was 6 years old and attending Arden Cahill Academy in Gretna, LA. I was taking piano lessons, horseback riding lessons and spending a good bit of my time memorizing lines for my role as the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker.

Brittanny is our in-house opera aficionado and organization superstation. Whether she’s making melodies or planning to perfection, this smiling songbird keeps all aspects of a project pulsing in perfect harmony. With Brittanny in your corner, any job is sure to get 10s across the board.

Emily Burke

Senior Account Executive

Dilemma Deleter



In 1997: I was a sophomore in high school busy with school, boys and cheering. Go Vikings! 

Emily’s an always-on strategist with a talent for translating what-ifs into what’s next. As Senior Account Executive in the BBR Baton Rouge office, she maintains an expansive field of vision with regard to all client accounts, transforming big-picture goals into efficient, clear-cut paths to success. She’s a master marketer who believes total immersion is critical to capturing the true essence of an organization.

Kellie Viola Gott

Art Director

Queen of Kern

Key HGTV Demo

Ever Clever

In 1997: I was in 3rd grade and experiencing my first celebrity crush on Jim Carrey. And, thanks to the Batman and Robin movie coming out that year, I wore a homemade Poison Ivy costume for Halloween that consisted of a horrible red wig, a green leotard and a lot of fake foilage. (Fingers crossed those photos never see the light of day.)

Kellie’s work is clean, clever and always kinetic. For her, every pixel of every piece presents an opportunity to raise our clients’ standards. As a marketer, she’s resourceful. As a designer, she’s artful. Kellie’s conceptual prowess is a true asset to every branding initiative. Give her a blank slate, and she’ll leave you with a lasting impression.

Monica Hebert

Director of Media Services

Tennis Machine



In 1997: I was living in New Orleans and employed at Gallinghouse Gregory Agency, where I worked on the Superdome account.

She’s saucy as she is seasoned. And she’s an expert at getting our clients the most for their media dollars. As media director, Monica’s got a proclivity for prominent placement. She’s the phone-hopping dynamo who ensures the creative we toil over gets the visibility it deserves. Give her a deadline and she’ll get you results.

Burt Durand

Senior Art Director

PunMaster 5000

Vector Van Gogh

Adobe Adonis

In 1997: I was in Junior High, playing the Hoth level on N64’s Shadows of the Empire over and over.

Burt had trouble choosing a creative focus, so he just opted for all of the above. He’s a designer, illustrator, writer and musician all rolled into one 6-foot frame. From brainstorming concepts that hook to orchestrating designs that floor, Burt’s versatility has made him a critical piece of the creative puzzle.

Cali Mitchell

Project Manager

Library Junkie

Saints Superfan


In 1997: I was in 7th grade. I enjoyed watching MTV’s Total Request Live and plastering my bedroom walls and locker with pictures from Tiger Beat of Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. My AOL screenname? NickGrrl7.

Cali is a micro-sized miracle-worker operating on a macro level. She ensures no project slips through the cracks as it makes its treacherous journey from sketchpad to launch pad. When she’s not detailing deliverables, she’s holding her own by holding the rest of us accountable. Incidentally, Cali can’t not smile.

Eddie Talbot

IT Director/Digital Production

Voice of Sanity

Tech Whiz

Pixel Perfectionist

In 1997: I was 27 and at my first graphics job: Working for Steve and Cherry May at the QuikQuarter Classifieds. 

Every office needs an Eddie. He’s a tech-savvy jack-of-all-trades with an eye for design and a soft spot for silicon. Resourceful, patient and always willing to listen, he’s a digital production perfectionist who puts a fine polish on our final products. As soon as you realize there’s a problem, Eddie’s already working on the solution.

Hunter Miller

Front-End Developer

Lvl. 20 Mixologist

Dr. Headphones

Fit Bit

In 1997:   I was rocking out to Chumbawumba and playing N64. 

Hunter is your passport to a pixel-perfect future — a fully realized website that looks as good as it clicks. Handy with a French press as he is with CSS, Hunter’s nose for navigation and eye for aesthetics make for attractive, intuitive and stable user experiences. If you’re in the market for a dot-com as dynamic as your business, look no further.

Kirstie Watkins

Content Manager

Star Fox



In 1997: I was a ripe 6 years old, struggling to keep my Tamagotchi alive in between viewings of The Brave Little Toaster.

Is she an angel? Is she a hobbit? Is she seriously about to destroy that child’s pokémon? If we’re talking about Kirstie, the answer is a resounding yes. Saucy and strategic, this half-pint plots Web domination for clients through her cleverly crafted content and online optimization. But not before she eats all of our popcorns, precious.

Samantha Rebowe

Lead Project Manager

Sole Sister

Agency All-Star

Leslie Knope 4.0

In 1997: I was 6 and a first grader at St. Charles Elementary in Thibodaux, LA. I cheered for the Hurricanes and learned how to spell Thibodaux with a “T-h-i-b-o-d-a-u-x *clap* *clap* let’s go *clap* *clap* Thibodaux” cheer.

Sam’s a lifeline in a sea of deadlines — a sharp-witted, kind spirit who guarantees special projects stay on track and that no small detail falls through the cracks. On the clock, she’s on top of her game. Off the clock, she’s clocking personal bests on the road or at the bat. Odds are that at any given time, Sam has just what you’re looking for.

Maggie Stokes

Media Buyer

Buzz Fed

Secretary of Sass

Page Not Found

In 1997: I was in 1st grade learning how to cope without nap time during the school day.

Brilliant content means squat if nobody sees it. Or hears it. Or any combination of the two. Maggie makes media dollars go the distance. Always strategic, never scattershot and generally deadpan in her delivery, she’ll get your company the exposure it needs in order for your reputation to precede you.

Andrea Pillaro

Web Content Specialist

Fancy Pants

Bluegrass Belle

Chic ‘N’ Sleek

In 1997:  I was 6, throwing hissy fits every day when my older brother tried to sit in the front seat of my mom’s car. I won. I was also eating chicken nugget happy meals daily.

Stationed deep in the Capital City Matrix, Andrea is our stylish synapse to the Baton Rouge Technosphere. Master of streamlined timelines and locked-down deadlines, this Red Stick rockette keeps every digital project perfectly tailored to the client’s vision. Just like a freshly pressed pair of Calvins. Mmmmm.

Karen Bodin


Rebel Reconciler

Receipt Identifier

Actual Angel

In 1997: I was 27, working at Lafayette Aero as a receptionist and traveling whenever I could.

When it comes to billing like a boss, Karen is our go-to gal. With a voice as soft as her cherished carrot cake, she lays down bookkeeping law. Karen’s keen eye for decimal-level detail and proclivity for precision keeps vendors smiling and bank statements sailing from one account to the next. Have we mentioned her carrot cake?

André Dugal

Associate Creative Director

Man in #000000

Down For Pizza

Up for This

In 1997: I was 6. I ordered Hansen’s “mmmbop” and the Space Jam soundtrack on cassette from a catalog.

André is a conceptual powerhouse whose creative routine is anything but. A designer armed with an anything’s-possible perspective, he’s a tour de force of talent, capable of transforming blank stares into bona fide brands that stick. An alliance with André equals work that’s crisp, contemporary and calculated to deliver maximum impact.

Terez Gautreau

Digital Designer

Interface Factory

Shiny & New

DIY or Die

In 1997: I was in elementary school being an *NSYNC obsessed ‘Heads Down, Thumbs Up’ master.

Terez is our digital designer and your ticket to a fresh, user-friendly net experience. If she’s not making magic in the kitchen, this Iron Chef is busy whipping up websites that wow. Equipped with her natural instinct for interface functionality and layout aesthetic, Terez has proven to be the key ingredient for any digital endeavor.

Brie Hodges

Senior Account Executive

The Cool Mom

Trapeze Trainee

Le Goof

In 1997: I was 19 years old and in my first year of college at LSU. I had just pledged Tri-Delta and was enjoying my newfound freedom.

If BBR were a box of chocolates, Brie would be the cherry chocolate truffle — super sweet with a layer of surprise. As our senior account executive, this giggly gal gets it done. Whatever “it” happens to be. Whether she’s polishing project outputs or priming creatives with cultivated intel, Brie ensures that all final products get a roaring applause.

Matthew Welsh

Account Executive


True North

40 – Love

In 1997: Summer of ’97 – enjoying the summer before my senior year of high school: Driver’s Ed, working at Sam Goody and a family road trip to Canada.

Matt is our analysis-driven account executive and seasoned socializer. A leader both in the office and on the tennis court, this captain of class serves clients with strategically designed deliverables and premier project oversight. If you’re in the market for masterful management with a strong kick of charisma, Matt is sure to ace.

Mark Whitney

Junior Copywriter

Coffee Curator

Inspector Gadget

Mr. Magellan

In 1997: I was in middle school, and probably calling my oldest brother a cheater for using the golden gun in Goldeneye 64.

Mark is a barista brew machine and Junior Copywriter all rolled into one. As an explorer of both tech and terrain, this gentle giant spends his time occupied with fresh ideas. Whether you’re searching for the perfect punch line or in the mood for a campaign that kicks, one thing is certain: give Mark a pen, and he’ll make the magic happen.

Remi LeBlanc

Project Manager

Chocolate or Else

The Backpacker

Good Vibes

In 1997: I was 3, completely potty trained, reading simple two- or three-letter words, making my own bed and cursing like a sailor.

Say hello to the quintessence of calm. Always cool and collected, Remi reels in new clients while simultaneously smoothing agency seas. She’s a purveyor of prospects and prepper of projects, whose glass is always half full. With her knack for new business and surefire optimism, Remi keeps good news on the horizon.

Cory Lagrange

Digital Marketing Strategist


Guitar Hero


In 1997: I was 8 years old. I was obsessed with Power Rangers. Like, unhealthy obsessed. I lived for Legends of the Hidden Temple and would set up obstacle courses in my yard. We’d compete for half “medallions,” which were actually giant chewy Sweet Tarts. I was WAY into Hanson and I thought the middle brother was a girl. I had ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 1′ on cassette and also bought Spice Girls’ “Stop” single. I thought my friend was rich because their van had a tube TV in it. And never forget “Tape 2” of Titanic.

The road to web domination is paved with power chords and keywords. Enter Cory, full-time Digital Marketing Strategist and part-time rock god. SEO savvy and strategic to boot, this metal maestro slays the competition with killer insights. If online visibility is your jam, Cory is your frontman.

Chris Witham

Director of Account Strategy

Vista Cruiser

Renaissance Reveller

Glass Half-Full

In 1997: I was 25, recently married and working for Cox® Communications as an account executive that sold advertising at the Dayton Daily News.

When the devil’s in the details, Chris grabs life by the data. This master of all makes pulls from a myriad of disciplines to combine spontaneity with specificity and secure success for each client. As our Director of Account Strategy, Chris leaves no stone unturned. He is a true proponent for progress and the hero every brand deserves.

Laura Hebert

Account Executive


Dora the Explorer

Fountain of Zen

In 1997: I was in 4th grade at Lisa Park Elementary in Houma, LA.

When the strong get stressed, the stressed find Laura. As our Account Executive, she is a self-driven seeker of solutions whose supply of chill never runs dry. Her ability to organize operations and implement initiatives keeps clients and coworkers breathing easy. Pressed with tight budgets and tighter deadlines, Laura will still get you OM-azing results.

Madeline Piller

Project Manager

Contour Couture

Marg Maven

The Trailblazer

Every Account Executive needs a reliable, freshly manicured right hand. For that, we turn to Madeline. She’s a vault of project knowledge whose ability to balance scope with billability makes her an unrivaled asset for creative management. What does she want? Direction-driven deliverables. When does she want it? Preferably now.

Jordan Emmerson

Account Manager

Just J

Bling Queen


Like a time-tested gemstone, Jordan withstands any pressure thrown her way. She is a colorful creative who brightens the day, melding timelines into pipelines and drawing polished products from client expectations. Her accessories? Infectious positivity and whatever-it-takes grit. Outfit your team with Jordan, and your brand is sure to shine.

Kelcie Rabalais

Administrative Assistant


Miss Brightside

Certified Cajun

Kelcie is our redshirt runner with a need for speed. Monitoring all agency feeds, this bayou belle serves up lightning-fast departmental support with a side of sass. The task? Keeping all gears in the BBR machine well-oiled and running smoothly. Faced with hard deadlines and shorter timelines, she is key to client and coworker satisfaction.

Drake Glatter

Account Service Coordinator

Drizzy, Baby

Father FIFA

Master of the Seven Brews

Open up the inbox. Check the CC. Whoa now—who’s that? It’s the one and only Drizzy G. Always ahead of the game, he’s at halfcourt sinkin’ threes. His flow’s so cold, from pitch to product—try not to freeze. So forget what you heard. It’s time to get served. He’s our master of coordination, but we call him MC.

Aubrey Barnes

Web Developer

Mocha Mayhem

Captain Eclectic

Born 2 Perform

A showman on all fronts, Aubrey is the man behind every site’s intricately coded curtain. When he’s not coordinating numbers and characters in the CMS, he’s choreographing numbers with characters on set. Give this dancing developer a keyboard, and he’ll give your web page the stage it deserves. Strike a node—code, code, code, code.

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