The Origin of BBR

In 1997 we made a commitment to create a better kind of agency. A place that gives an ear to all ideas, because we believe creativity lives in everyone. A place that treats employees like people first and producers second. And ultimately, a place that ditches the smoke and mirrors to work side by side with clients — and create the best caliber of work as a result.

Today, that place is BBR Creative.

As the largest women-led agency in Acadiana, we partner with businesses big and small to support marketing directors and company leaders with clever advertising that works.

Becoming BBR

Before the idea of starting an agency came to them, partners Cathi Pavy, Cherie Hebert and Sara Ashy were already well acquainted with the advertising world. As graphic design students, creative communication was their passion. Moreso, they aspired to make nationally recognized work — and they planned to do it right here in Lafayette, LA.

In those days, though, chasing advertising dreams meant working all hours of the day and night to complete projects, often toiling over weekends and going underpaid. It was a grueling environment, but it was the only path they had to do the work they loved.

As the women began to branch out and start families, they knew this wasn’t sustainable. They began seeing the flaws in their industry, and they had to believe a better version of agency life was waiting for them. So on June 23, 1997, the three designers joined forces in downtown Lafayette — a blond, a brunette and a redhead — and BBR Creative was born. The three soon onboarded Karla Meche, who had prior agency management experience, to help with the agency’s structure.

Our Evolution

Originally, the logo was three colored paint brushes of brown, orange and yellow with the name Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads and the tagline “We Create Pretty Stuff.” The name was eventually shortened to BBR Creative and the tagline was dropped once the agency grew large enough to offer a full suite of services — not just design.

Since then, BBR’s working style has undergone many evolutions. From a small boutique design firm to the creative marketing firm it is today, BBR has adapted to new needs in the industry and set its sights on bigger goals. Now, the agency fosters true partnerships with brand leaders to capture each company’s unique identity and translate it into effective advertising.

BBR is led and managed by Emily Burke, VP of Account Service (left), Cherie Hebert, CEO (middle) and Lauren Bourgeois, VP of Operations (right).

Looking Forward

More than 24 years later, and we haven’t deviated an inch from our founding philosophy. From developing dedicated fixed teams to expanding our preferred vendor network, every move we’ve made has been a step towards better serving our partners and our people.

Today, BBR remains one of Louisiana’s premier advertising agencies. We’ve served more than 650 brands, ranging from local companies in Acadiana to nationwide organizations like Cox Communications, Ochsner Health and TABASCO®. On our current track, BBR is poised to become one of the best creative marketing agencies in the South. We’ve seen the impact that caring about our people, our clients and our community can have on the work we do — and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.