It was plumb crazy last week.

March 1, 2021
There was no Mardi Gras in Louisiana. Temperatures in Lafayette plummeted to 16 degrees. We had snow on the ground for days. Just about everyone ate gumbo, which isn’t so abnormal when cold weather hits. Cajun Country Rice was having a phenomenal week and everyone was talking pipes.

Before the freeze, Jimmy and I had to check on and prep the pipes of eight houses. My dad’s, his Mom’s, our house, our daughter’s, the new BBR house, two rental properties and our AirBNB. With duct tape, newspaper, plastic wrap, we did our best to protect valves and exposed lines. We must have not done that great of a job, because when the freeze passed, we had three gushers at three different houses, limited water at one and no water at all at another. Our relationship with our plumber just went to an all-time high.

Do any of us give a second thought to plumbing unless there is an emergency? Living in a first world country has spoiled us to such a point that we don’t give a second thought to turning on the tap and getting water.

But when we lose access to water, who do we call? A local plumber. Plumbing is a service you can’t order off of the internet and when you need it fixed, you need it now.

At times like these, local providers matter.

And if a local plumber has your back, who has theirs? Well for 85 years, Coburn Supply Company has served as the backbone of the commercial plumbing industry in this region. And I couldn’t think of a better time to celebrate this supply company and our client than now.

Over three years ago, Coburn Supply Company selected BBR as their marketing partner and we couldn’t be prouder of our relationship. BBR’s Emily Burke works hand in hand with Michael Maloney and Giles Sigler, managing Coburn’s marketing strategies across the business.

We have learned that Coburn’s has an impressive internal culture and great leadership. They are a family-owned and operated distributor of commercial and residential plumbing, electrical, waterworks and HVAC products and services. Coburn’s has more than 50 locations and three centrally located distribution centers serving Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.

And while Coburn’s excels at serving their commercial customers and stepping up in times of emergency, they also serve the homeowner by guiding them through  selections for their dream homes. They have great customer support. In that vein, we just launched their new kitchen and bath showroom site. Check it out here.

So while it was a crazy week last week, water was back up and running in pretty record speed — despite busted pipes. Beneath it all, it’s thanks to local providers — our dependable plumber and the good folks at Coburn Supply Company.I, for one, am appreciative to have you in my backyard.