Saying goodbye to 2020 and our home of 12 years

January 19, 2021

Wow, this year was a doozie!  I find myself now saying goodbye to 2020 and to the building that was our home for the past 12 years.  I loved our time as a team at 300 Rue Beauregard in Lafayette and a lot of great work came out of there. 

But, if the pandemic has taught me anything it’s that life changes. Last year, my business partner of 23 years, Sara, retired and I took full charge in my role as CEO, we began working from home and I ended the year in December with COVID!

The biggest surprise for us as an agency is that we learned that we can effectively service clients and work from home. In fact, we did more, produced more and had better results this year over last. 

By Fall of 2020, I realized that our beloved office was not being used to its fullest potential. I would walk through and ask myself what do we need now versus what we needed before. And, as with the way the universe works, lo and behold, someone approached us with an offer on our building. I took that as a sign to move on.

I envisioned a new place for BBR. One in which our teams could come together and collaborate, one with a great kitchen for video and photoshoots for our food clients, a place where we could host workshops for our clients and strategize and ideate. A place where there are fewer individual offices, but more room for group discussions and events. 

We have found that place and have made an offer. In the meantime, our administrative office has moved in with our friends at the Opportunity Machine in the LITE Center in Lafayette. We have a place here for team and client meetings, however, we are looking forward to announcing our next home. One that we hope you will all come and visit one day or use for your own collaborative meeting.

We are anxious to bring in a year of new thinking and are excited to have a fresh place to collaborate with you to help you expand and grow your business.