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Letters from the CEO

It’s The People in My Life that I am Most Grateful for.

BBR staff collage

This Thanksgiving, I find myself  more appreciative of the people in my life than ever  before.  And this year, even more than in years past,  I greatly appreciate my work family, who have positively impacted the lives of our clients and the health and vitality of BBR Creative. 

As with all businesses, BBR faced uncertain times earlier this year. Honestly, we did not know if business would dry up or if we would have enough work to keep the agency going. Fortunately, BBR not only survived — we actually thrived. 

BBR’s plan was to work remotely, work in fixed teams and hunker down and focus on serving the clients we had to the best of our ability. Each of our three fixed teams is led by an Account Executive — Emily Burke, Bria Wheeler and Brie Hodges. Each of these women led their teams to service and care for BBR clients without fail throughout the pandemic. They ensured that relationships were fostered during  this time and service to our clients remained steadfast. 

The creative team produced fantastic work, the media department put effective media buying campaigns together, the digital department executed great digital campaigns and measured performance, sales and marketing nurtured leads and acquired new business, and project managers kept everyone operating in unison  and delivering on time and on budget. BBR produced some of our most effective marketing ever during this challenging year of COVID. 

Our success is dependent on client success. And we are so very fortunate to have clients — that is for sure. But it is the people behind the curtain here at BBR, those working from their new offices, from their homes, strategizing, creating, implementing and measuring, who have delivered on our promises to our clients. 

Our team pulled together through this stressful time and found new ways to work. They were empowered to operate autonomously while still supporting one another and collaborating when necessary. 

This group has transformed the way this business is run and I am eternally grateful for the success we have achieved this year. It is my absolute pleasure to work with this team. They inspire me, enlighten me and bring me such pride. 

I also must send out a heartfelt thank-you to our clients for giving us the opportunity, thank you to our vendors for assisting us, and many thanks to my people for doing their jobs so well.  

All My Best,