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Letters from the CEO

Never Bet Against Consistency

basketball shooting with consistency quote

A couple of years ago I went to a luncheon hosted by the Sales and Marketing Executive Group of Greater Baton Rouge. Will Wade, LSU’s Basketball coach, was their guest speaker. His talk centered around consistency. He told the story of a player of his that was in the gym every day at 3pm practicing, whether anyone else was there or not. This practice made him a consistent player — a dependable player. A player you could bet on to perform. He said that later in the year, when a big game was at stake and the team was in the last minutes of the game, he opted to play this kid over his big-name star players. After the game, others asked “why?” 

He said that in the game of basketball, as in the game of life, never bet against consistency. He said he trusted that this player would not be a hot dog but would consistently deliver — which he did, and they won the game.

In our business consistency is king. Branding and marketing is about consistently delivering the same messages to the same person over and over again. It is about being strategic, it is about being creative, but it is most importantly about being consistent. 

Consistency builds familiarity. The more we see and hear something, the more we believe it or have faith that it is true. Trust leads to trial. If asked “to try something or buy something” we are much more inclined to take action when it’s something we have heard of or are familiar with. 

Consistency builds trust. Brands that don’t surprise us in a bad way but consistently put out positive messaging that reflect their values and traits gain our trust. And we as consumers buy from those we trust. 

Most of you who are reading this are charged with selling or marketing something to someone. And today’s message is very simple. Do not underestimate the power of consistency — with messages and delivery. 

And if you had to do one thing, right now, to improve your marketing program,  identify one way to become more consistent and practice it daily. I promise that in 6 -12 months, you will see positive gain.

Remember, you’re creative too.