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Show and Tell: LHATF 2018 Funds for Safety Video Production

lhatf funds for safety video blog photo

This year, we’re especially pleased with the work our team put into the 2018 Funds for Safety video for LHA Trust Funds (see video below). The Funds for Safety grant program annually awards up to $300,000 in grant funding for hospital initiatives dedicated to improving patient safety in Louisiana.

The program encourages LHA Trust Fund members to pursue the development and implementation of patient safety initiatives. Grants are awarded for projects that are expected to improve quality, reduce patient harm and/or improve patient outcomes for members of the Louisiana Hospital Association Malpractice and General Liability Trust Fund.

BBR has had the opportunity to assist LHA Trust Funds with multiple projects, and this was our 6th year working specifically on the Funds for Safety video. Design Director André Dugal approached this year’s award video with the idea of “Letter-Strations,” which are zoomed-in micro animations depicting winning hospital scenarios and objects that would provide fun, colorful imagery.

Once this direction received the client’s stamp of approval, André set off to create unique letter-strations for the video.

Content Specialist and quick-witted wordsmith Kirstie Watkins tackled the script, peppering the text with humor to further ensure this would not be your average awards ceremony yawn-fest. By working with digital film production house Magic Bus and its owner/content creator Jon-David Mahoney, Kirstie’s entertaining words and André’s vibrant illustrations — with help from UX/UI Designer Terez Molitor and Art Director Kellie Viola Gott — came to life to create a one-of-a-kind video worthy of a standing ovation.

But you don’t have to take my word for it — check out this year’s Funds for Safety video below, and see the work for yourself.