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BBR Gives Back: Adopt-A-Teacher Drive

BBR adopt a teacher blog photo

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.” –Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Parents aren’t the only ones frantically sweating in the school supply aisles—there are also teachers desperately trying to stock their classrooms. Many teachers try to ensure they have extra supplies on hand in case students accidentally leave something at home, or if their families simply couldn’t afford the items needed.

According to a recent study by Time Magazine, the average public school teacher spends around $500 on school supplies—varying from pencils and markers to hand sanitizer and Lysol spray— for their classrooms.

At BBR, we love teachers. Many of us can remember the names of those who positively influenced us and assisted in forming paths that led us to our creative careers. Knowing that teachers already work long hours, often for little pay, we wanted to find a way to help a local educator start off the school year properly and with as little stress as possible.

Thanks to Anna Kedinger, beloved local teacher—and wife to Daniel, our Product Development VP— we were introduced to Lisa Richard. We were thrilled to select Lisa’s wish list through The Daily Advertiser’s annual Adopt-A-Teacher drive.

A recent graduate of the University of Louisiana, Lisa is a first-year teacher at Woodvale Elementary in Lafayette. She is delighted to have a gaggle of first graders to educate and guide. Her classroom is adorned with brightly colored ribbons hanging from the ceiling, Dr. Seuss-themed wall decor and incredibly cool learning stations. Honestly, we’re super jealous that we can’t fire up a time machine and join her class. Lisa’s students are in for a great school year!

We had so much fun buying supplies and gift cards and truly enjoyed meeting Lisa, who radiates with excitement for teaching her first batch of students. We hope this year is just the beginning of a wonderful teaching journey for her!