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BBR Celebrates Wins in Baton Rouge

American Advertising Federation (AAF)-Baton Rouge Honors BBR Creative Vice President, Emily Burke, and Agency for Outstanding Work in 2021

BBR Creative is a proud member of the Baton Rouge chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Each year, AAF-Baton Rouge hosts the American Advertising Awards® – this is the gold standard for recognizing work from advertisers in the region. Our local chapter received hundreds of entries for the competition, so we are proud to have been recognized among our peers for our work in 2021.

“How it’s Made,” the theme of this year’s awards ceremony, endeavored to “shine a light on all the amazing processes that bring creative work to life.” Our team was decked out in their finest steampunk-inspired attire and danced the night away while celebrating BBR, our partners and our industry. We were honored to receive four Silver awards for our partners’ work, including a team-favorite piece of our own as well… but the fun didn’t end there. 

Each year, the President’s Service Award is given to the AAF-Baton Rouge member who has given the most toward the betterment of AAF-Baton Rouge during the previous calendar year. To no surprise of ours, Emily Burke, BBR Vice President of Account Service, was recognized as this year’s President’s Service Award winner. Emily continues to use her talent, skills and organization to make huge impacts on the club and inspires so many. She is an absolute rockstar and we couldn’t be more proud to have her on the BBR team.

Cheers to Emily, our partners and our entire team for a well-deserved night out and great celebration of marketing and advertising!

This year’s American Advertising Awards® include:

Silver: Cane River Pecan Company CNO Photoshoot

Jady Regard, Chief Nut Officer (CNO) of Cane River Pecan Company, is a true character all his own. BBR Creative teamed up with Danley Romero from Romero & Romero Photography and thoughtfully constructed every detail for this photoshoot as part of a print ad series meant to capture the personality and style of the CNO and introduce him to the company’s audience. The most interesting man in pecan gifting? We think so!


Silver: Cane River Pecan Company Tips from CNO Ad Series

As the face of the company and the resident “gifting expert,” BBR Creative developed an ad series to showcase the brand in an authoritative, punchy way featuring the brand’s boisterous CNO front and center. Using stylized lifestyle photography, we focused on an editorial look to pair with clever headlines and our most-prized suite of Cane River Pecan Company products. These ads ran in a variety of regional print publications including on the back cover of Louisiana Cookin’ magazine.


Silver: La Capitol Federal Credit Union Illustration Series

When La Capitol Federal Credit Union made the decision to evolve their brand aesthetic from photography-based to more illustrative creative direction, they requested a library of characters and objects to be used in their new campaigns. These vibrant, colorful depictions allowed their members to see themselves reflected in a fun new way and also differentiated them from their competitors, especially in the digital ad space.


Silver: BBR Evangeline Maid Bread Box

As a part of BBR Creative’s sales and marketing efforts, our creative team envisioned standout direct mail pieces tailored to each of Louisiana’s hottest brands. Through tongue-in-cheek copy, and innovative papercraft design, the Evangeline Maid Bread Box served as the perfect introduction to BBR and our services. The project was also a teaching  opportunity for our design internship program – giving a design student real world, hands-on experience.