Tried and True for 2022

February 10, 2022


Things are changing in our world of marketing faster than ever. There are so many new channels and tactics to learn about that it can be a bit overwhelming – even for us seasoned marketers. Additionally, there are some tried and true trends that have decided to stick around in 2022 because they are so effective.

The following are my personal picks of marketing trends that are either being successfully utilized at this point or are poised to be strong favorites used by marketers this year.

  1. Personalized Marketing — I’ve noticed that marketers seemingly know more about us than ever before. I am served ads with messaging, offers and product images that are always specific to something about my life (reference to my lifestage, shopping habits, family). They really work on me because it is usually something I need or have been shopping for online. They are using data and algorithms to automate a lot of this, but it feels super personalized and custom.
  2. Video Use — Marketers are going to be using even more pre-produced or livestream video content in the future. Brands will continue to utilize social/TikTok-style videos to promote their products and services. Facebook reports that video receives 6x the engagement than photo or link posts. And tools like Loom allow video to be used in direct sales activities — which combines personalization with video messaging.
  3. Influencer Marketing — Influencer marketing remains a big play in the world of social marketing and since the National Collegiate Athletic Association created an interim policy allowing individual college athletes to profit off of their name, image and likeness (NIL), there is going to be a ton of opportunities for local brands to utilize local college athletes to promote their products and services.
  4. Focus on Online Presence — Have you ever “Googled” your business? At bare minimum, you may find some surprising things out about your online presence by simply Googling your business. There are a multitude of activities that can help you elevate your brand online. Starting with Google business, conducting a digital diagnostic, utilizing best SEO practices and implementing content marketing. Improving your online presence improves access to your storefront.
  5. Brand Messaging — A first step for any brand is to create clear and concise messaging — that need will never go away. You must differentiate yourself in a way that brings value to your prospective buyer. On the forefront of developing a strong brand message is the process of the StoryBrand® framework. BBR is a huge fan and we use this methodology when helping our clients define their unique brand position. StoryBrand Scripting.
  6. Lead Gen Programs — “Lead Gen” refers to a multitude of activities that result in driving leads to your organization.  However, in BBR’s world, we specialize in  lead generation campaigns using digital marketing strategies to drive leads to businesses which convert into customers. It involves a paid advertising strategy that pushes out messages to targeted audiences to drive interest and engagement with your brand. It is a highly effective and measurable activity that works. It can be used for sales or recruitment purposes. Contact us for more information.
  7. Contact Management — I have looooong been a strong believer in having and managing a contact database segmented by customers, prospects, past customers, vendors, friends, family and influencers. It is an initial first step to successful marketing — especially if you are going to engage in digital marketing. You must begin by owning your own network of contacts. No better time than this year to get started. Best CRMs 2022

Hope an item from this list serves to help you market a little bit better this year. Even if you select just one new thing to try, you will be making progress. Let us know if we can help!

Remember, you are creative too.