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Eight Ways to Ensure Peak Performance from Your Website

BBR superhero looking at computer screen saying "What's going on that behind that screen?!" Caption: Is your website your hero or villain?

Websites, social media and the digital landscape change constantly. It feels like new technologies, algorithms and issues to address have appeared every day over the course of this pandemic. As a marketer or business owner, you know the importance of your brand’s visibility online — but consumers expect more than just presence. 

They want functionality, speed, ease of use, clear messaging and a concise call to action. You’re busy running your business, so keeping your digital presence in top shape may not have been on your radar. But in this brave new world, every business ought to have an online presence that reflects its value to the consumer. 

After a dive into your digital properties, you may discover priority areas for your marketing efforts. Here are a few takeaways to keep your online presence in shape:

  1. Improve site speed. If it’s slow, it’s a no. Consumers expect fast load times. If your site is slow, consumers will abandon it in less than 3 seconds. You can test your site here: 
  2. Make navigation intuitive. Why make it harder for your consumer to explore your webpages? If your site isn’t easy to use, they will find another one that is. 
  3. Create a clear call to action. Consumers can’t read your mind: Tell them what you want them to do. 
  4. Prioritize accessibility. Search engines now penalize websites that do not have accessibility measures in place for images and content. Updating your site’s images with alt-text and using proper color contrasts to improve readability will create a more accessible site for users who are seeing impaired.  
  5. Get on search directories. Is your business listed on local directories like Google and Bing? Adding your business location and contact information makes it easier for consumers to contact you. 
  6. Write meta descriptions for a SEO boost. Add descriptions “behind the scenes” to your webpages to improve search results and encourage clicks to your website. 
  7. Engage on social media. Providing useful content, consistent visuals and creative messaging keeps your consumers engaged with your brand in platforms they already know and love. Brand engagement online is increasingly more important as we are hunkered down. 
  8. Utilize email marketing. This is the best place to reward loyalty and share company information because…this audience chooses to opt in to your content! You know you are speaking exactly to the right group.

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