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Tis The Shopping Season: 10 Brands That Give Back

brands that give back to the community

Once again, we find ourselves on that all-too-familiar collision course with Christmas, strapped to a stressed out Honda Civic and scream-crying Mariah. Maybe we promised ourselves we’d be done with shopping in October. Maybe we planned on giving back. Maybe we forgot.

Luckily for us, the option to do both still exists in a variety of forms. So whether you’re looking for last-minute grabs or you’re just getting started, these brands are sure bring the Christmas spirit:

  1.  Bombas

Sure, socks always seem to get a bad wrap around Christmas. But trust us, these babies are the real deal. Like other one-for-one programs, Bombas donates a pair of socks to the needy for every pair purchased. How are they different? Instead of donating the exact type of sock, the company went a step further to create a sock built specifically with charities in mind. The donated socks are made to withstand long walks, changing elements and microbial agents.

Made from merino wool by the actual hand of God, these socks would make great stocking stuffers or side gifts. Hell, just buy a few for yourself—your feet deserve it.

  1.  BetterWorldBooks

Got a bookworm to buy for this year? Consider snagging those copies from BetterWorldBooks. They offer both new and used purchasing options (so you can save the Earth, too!), while supporting literacy grant programs, book donations and environmental sustainability initiatives.

  1.  Warby Parker

Shopping for some new specs this season? Put Warby Parker on your list. Not only do they offer a wide selection of stylish frames and sunglasses, but they also provide corrective eyewear to the visually-impaired and disadvantaged (over 3 million donated to date). Look good, and do good!

  1.  SoapBox

Based on the one-for-one business model, SoapBox is body care company specializing in all things smell-good and silky-soft. They offer a wide selection of soaps, body washes and hair care products for all of your bathtime needs. Plus, for every product you buy, SoapBox donates soap to selected charities around the world.

  1.  Smile Squared

Offering toothbrushes, travel bags and journals, the driving ideal behind Smile Squared is that travel brings people together and ultimately makes the world a better place. Proceeds generated from all sales goes to send children with life-threatening medical conditions on travel adventures of their choosing.

  1.  BoxLunch

If you’re looking to indulge in those nerdier gift purchases, then make room for BoxLunch. Available both via web and brick-and-mortar, this brand packs their inventory with fun pop culture swag and novelty items to fit every quirky need. Proceeds from everything sold go to providing (as you might’ve guessed) box lunches to the disadvantaged and needy. Pikachus for potatoes? I’m game.

  1.  Twice as Warm

Featured on the Washington Post and ABC, this company puts the “win” in winter. Their one-for-one model is used to supply  charities and shelters around the country with cold-weather clothing, such as mittens, beanies, scarves and coats. Stock up on winter accessories and clothing with Twice as Warm, and your purchase will help bring some warmth to those in need.

  1.  Sendero Provisions

If you have an avid adventurer on your list, keep this company in mind. Their collection of national park-themed hats, patches and clothing is both eye-catching and aesthetic. The best part? A portion of each park-themed purchase goes to benefit that park’s protective agency. Because, hey, the Earth deserves a Christmas present too!

  1.  Everything Happy

Got a bun in the oven or know someone who does? Put Everything Happy on your Christmas shopping list. Based on its “one to love, one to give” philosophy, this company believes in spreading smiles (and snuggles) with its adorably cozy baby products. Snag a super soft butterfly blankie for the new peanut, and they’ll send one to a mother in need.

  1.  Toms

You didn’t think we’d leave out the OG, did you? Toms is the original “One for One” company, supplying shoes to those in need with every pair purchased. However, since the get-go, Toms has been hard at work expanding their good works. The company now provides clean drinking water, safe birthing, eyewear and support against bullying through their coffee roasts, bags, glasses and backpack products.

  1.  Amazon Smile

Need to make use of that Prime account? No problem! You can still do some good through the online shopping giant’s “Amazon Smile” program. All you have to do is shop and purchase through Amazon will then pledge 0.5% of your eligible purchase amount to the charity of your choosing!

Your favorite do-gooder didn’t make the list? Send us an update at [email protected]!