BBR Gives Thanks: The Tools We Love

November 9, 2017

Living in a digital world means dealing with a host of digital problems. Luckily the internet has blessed us with everything we need to make it through the day—if you know where to look. We asked the BBR team which tech tool they’re most thankful for this year, and they delivered.  Check out our hotlist, and add a few to your arsenal!

Andre Dugal, Associate Creative Director

Thankful for: Panda

“Panda is a really cool chrome extension that provides you a live feed of articles and inspiration from a group of sites you designate. It’s great for me as a designer because I can get at-a-glance inspiration and interesting blog posts from websites I’m interested in without having to really carve out time to do research.”

Kirstie Watkins, Content Manager

Thankful for: Issu

“Issu is great for anyone involved in content creation or layout. Its online database of catalogs and print materials is completely free to use, allowing you to see examples of layout styles and copy language for just about every consumer brand imaginable. It’s awesome.”

Chris Witham, Director of Account Strategy

Thankful for: Dragon

“Dragon is a neat tool that converts audio files to text documents. It’s perfect for transcribing research interviews and OGSM sessions, which takes only minutes versus the hours it would take doing the work manually.”

Samantha Rebowe, Lead Project Manager

Thankful for: Slack

“My favorite tool of the year? Definitely Slack. With all of its file sharing and reminder features, it’s made internal communication and project coordination way easier!”

Remi LeBlanc, Project Manager

Thankful for: Hubspot

“The Hubspot platform has allowed our content and project management teams to truly OWN e-news production and give capacity back to the digital team. It also allows us to see who checks our website and what they’re looking at, which is a really useful new business feature.”

Bria Wheeler, Account Service Director

Thankful for:

“This app is awesome because it allows you to clean up your inbox and easily skim automated emails to choose what you want to read. Contrary to popular belief, this actually makes me MORE likely to read these emails since I’m not just deleting things to clear out my inbox all day long. I can block off time for myself once a day to review their report, click through and read the emails that interest me, then just delete that one email for the day once I’m done. “

Daniel Kedinger, Digital Marketing Director

Thankful for: Spark

“This iOS email app connects to Gmail (and several other services), adding awesome features like the ability to snooze an email for a day or until the following morning. You can schedule emails to send at a later date or schedule an alert if no one responds in a set amount of time.”

Kellie Viola, Art Director

Thankful for: Digit

“This great little app connects to your checking account and monitors your daily spending habits, taking note of how often you spend money on certain items. After analyzing your spending, Digit makes occasional withdrawals into a savings account for you when it detects you haven’t spent money on certain routine purchases. Makes saving a lot easier!”

Emily Burke, Senior Account Executive

Thankful for: LastPass

“LastPass is a really cool browser extension that saves and categorizes the logins for all of my many online accounts. It even recognizes when I’m creating a new account, and requests to save the new information. With so many different logins and websites, this tool is a lifesaver. Because, honestly how am I expected to remember?”

Cory LaGrange, Online Marketing Strategist

Thankful for: OneTab

“I use my browser windows as mini project management “buckets.” Since I’m usually working on multiple projects at once, those browser windows (each with dozens of tabs) can get out of hand. OneTab is a Chrome extension that lets you collapse an entire browser window into a list of links, like temporary bookmarks. You can name each list something like “Client XYZ Report” or “December Blog Research,” and restore all of the windows/tabs when you’re ready to access them again. You can even create a custom short link for a list, which you can share with a colleague, allowing them to access all of the links in one place. Seriously, it’s incredible. I’m probably failing to describe it in all of its wonder.”

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