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The Website Workaround: Microsites and Landing Pages

Microsites and landing pages are useful tools in any developer's kit, but when should you use one or the other?

Many marketers live under the false assumption that, in order to make a splash with a new product or campaign, their websites need a full redesign. The benefits from this logic are obvious: your campaign gets the red carpet launch it needs in the place you want. It helps to directly connect the product with your brand and will alert even the most casual of site visitors of its presence. Sounds great right?

But what if you could get similar results without having to rip the carpet out of your website? Here’s where microsites and landing pages come into play.

The Microsite

These web minis are exactly what they sound like – small, bite-sized sites that live separately from the company website. They are generally easier to create and can house branded content and information for specific products, offers and services.

Use a microsite when you:

  • Launch a new product or campaign, especially if you want people to focus on specific details. Microsites can provide a lot of information while keeping the visitor locked onto one topic: your offer!
  • Want to create a custom URL for your product or service, but you don’t have enough resources to build a comprehensive website.
  • Need to have a custom application or user interface that doesn’t work with your current site.
  • Need to host a video series or other content collection and would like more control over how the user sees them, especially if this control requires extensive edits to your main site.
  • Have a corporate website that is locked into a tight brand style guide, or you can’t add any custom code to your site’s current CMS.

The Landing Page

Landing pages are basically the single-page version of a microsite. Being so stripped down, landing pages are limited in the amount of information they can provide. However, what they lack in information, they gain in targeting. These standalones usually require minimal effort to set up and are best oriented for showcasing a single, focused objective.

Use a Landing Page when you:

  • Are promoting a highly specific product or offer.
  • Need to collect data in a form.
  • Need to communicate information about a single event or announcement.
  • Have a limited amount of information to provide.
  • Need a temporary web presence while building a new site.
  • Have a campaign that contrasts visually from your main website.

Don’t expend energy on main website alterations if you don’t absolutely have to. Not only can they get costly, but frequent visual changes to your site can affect brand clarity and recognition. No bueno.

Microsites and landing pages give you two appropriate and cost-effective options for any campaign or product launch. The best part? Once the campaign is over, you don’t have to waste time reverting your website back to its original state. 🙌🏻

Still undecided? Download our free Microsite and Landing Page flowchart to determine what your digital needs are!