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Coupling Channels For Maximum Effect

millennials on social media

The world is changing, and your customers are more connected now than they’ve ever been. From social media providing a window into everyone’s life to television being available everywhere you have at least a bar of service, there are more ways than ever to connect with your consumers.

What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Utilizing multiple mediums to impact customers, called a multi-channel marketing campaign, is a method of broad-spectrum contact that uses your marketing messaging across a multitude of different platforms and mediums – from a Facebook ad to a direct mailer, and all points in between – in order to achieve maximum effort at the most efficient cost.

Many companies are already taking advantage of multi-channel marketing, and have been proving its effectiveness for years. The next time you’re watching your favorite show, and it tells you to go online and talk about the current episode you’re watching with a special hashtag: That’s multi-channel at its finest. Its use comes from research showing that most people watch television and use a “second screen” (a laptop, their phone or a tablet) simultaneously.

Choosing the Right Channel

Knowing which channels to use, and how to properly use them, is a science in and of itself. Buyer personas, which are developed through demographic and psychographic data (research on your targeted market segments that not only tell you who your customers are, but why they purchase what they do), will help clarify exactly what channels you should be utilizing. You probably wouldn’t market your products on Snapchat if your demographic is 65+ and, through research, you discovered they only use social media to see pictures of their grandkids and cats.

That same demographic, though, probably loves to watch television, is occasionally on Facebook (both on her desktop and possibly a smart phone) and will probably read certain magazines and newspapers, depending on her interests. A well-researched multi-channel campaign allows you to touch on each of those contact points, efficiently keeping your brand and products top-of-mind and inching closer towards that trial stage.

Sometimes, Less is More

There is such a thing as overkill, though. Blaring your message across every channel could end up turning potential buyers off from your brand completely. Beyond that, you may also be taking advantage of mediums your targeted demographics would never actually use, which means you’re spending a lot of money for little-to-no return on your investment. What’s the magic number? Well, that depends on a number of factors, such as your budget, who you’re targeting, your staff and the campaign itself. For each channel you utilize, there are costs associated and, typically, require a capable person to be managed properly.

Is Multi-Channel Marketing Right for Your Brand?

Only time (and experimentation) will tell. But, for the most part, most companies see increased brand awareness and customer retention when they’re allowed to use their favorite devices to interact with your brands, which creates a positive experience overall and a much higher level of recognition when it does come time to buy.