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I’m Pro Meetings, and You Should Be Too

Yes, I said it: I’m pro meetings. Most people will completely disagree with that statement. I know not everyone feels the same way I do. They think it’s a waste of time, but hear me out! Meetings don’t have to be all bad. Here are three reasons why meetings are a must (and a few tips for mastering the art of meetings):

1.  Better Collaboration

What’s a better use of everyone’s time than coming together to share ideas? Especially in an industry where we make money off of our ideas, a meeting of the minds is crucial. When we sit in our individual offices and try to work alone, we get nowhere. Someone else’s perspective or opinion on a project is always beneficial.

Tip: Come prepared. If you don’t understand why a meeting is on the books, ask before you show up. You may need to do research or want to have time to pull together your thoughts before jumping into the meeting. You’ll feel better about taking the initiative, and the person holding the meeting will appreciate your effort. Not to mention, your meeting will be more productive.

2.  Ultimate Time Saver

This seems counterintuitive. People usually feel as if meetings are a waste of time, but as a project manager, getting everyone in the same room can save a lot of time and quite a few headaches. If you can have everyone review or test something at the same time, it saves each person having to take time to review on their own. This also helps to foster better ideas.

Tip: Make meetings short. People will be more willing and able to attend if they know it will only take up a short amount of time in their day. Be mindful of the time of day you’re scheduling the meeting. Don’t schedule more time for a meeting than you will actually need. Meetings naturally conform to the amount of time allowed for it to take place. If you want a meeting to be quick, don’t schedule a full hour. Also, be sure to allow for time in between the meeting you’re scheduling and the meeting before. You don’t want to have to push your meeting when the meeting before goes over!

3.  Improved Communication

One of the best reasons for meetings is to improve communication between team members. Meetings allow you to communicate information at the appropriate time. Everyone hears the information at the same time and everyone has time to give their input. Face-to-face communication bodes well for most employees. Weekly (or daily) check-ins with your team also allows you to quickly resolve any issues or problems

Tip: Create an environment where people feel secure enough to share. Change up the scenery. Some people feel more comfortable on their own turf, so choosing a different environment may make them more willing to open up. Plus, attending the same meeting week after week can get boring. Changing your meeting space may spark new ideas.

Meetings don’t have to be bad if you do them right. Mix in some fun “meetings,” too! And if you need even more help finding your meeting mojo, check this out.