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BBR Announces Recipients of Employee of the Year and Partners’ Award

2016 Employee of the Year – Eddie Talbot, Digital Production & IT Director

Once a year, all BBR employees get together in hushed tones to cast votes for the worker they feel has gone above and beyond for his or her fellow workers and clients. Think of the smash CBS reality hit, Survivor. Only instead of voting someone OFF a remote, inhospitable island, we’re voting someone INTO the BBR Hall of Fame. Sans tiki torches.

Well, the time has come, and the tribe has spoken. Our 2016 Employee of the Year is none other than the RAM man with the plan, Digital Production & IT Director Eddie Talbot! Eddie has been with BBR for over ten years with more than 20 years of information technology, design and art production experience under his belt. He is a master of all things tech, and BBR wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without him.

Inaugural Partners’ Award – Emily Burke, Senior Account Executive

BBR recently unveiled its newest annual honor, the Partners’ Award, which recognizes one employee that the BBR partners feel embodies the passion and spirit of the entire agency. This year, the inaugural 2016 Partners’ Award was given to our sassy strategist and supermom in residence, Senior Account Executive Emily Burke.

Emily has been a vital part of the BBR Account Service team for a little over three years. She powers through the work week developing visionary ideas and managing big-picture goals, all while maintaining the client’s vision. It’s a great big balancing act, but her diverse marketing background — which includes professional experience in strategic planning, branding, account management and even the occasional art direction — makes her a valuable asset for clients seeking to expand their brand footprint or enhance their customer experience.