BBR and Savoie’s Foods Team Up to Create Cajun Recipe Video

November 18, 2016


When you’re a company whose main focus is food from a specific culture, you’re something of a cultural ambassador—an authentic expert on the dishes your audience holds dear.

For Savoie’s Foods, a “certified Cajun food company” based out of Opelousas, La., the call came this September after Disney, via its official Facebook account, shared a video showcasing a “healthy” alternative to gumbo, possibly the most popular dish in Cajun and Creole culture.

Long story short, the recipe, from ingredients to presentation, wasn’t all that authentic.

The backlash for Disney was severe, and numerous outlets, especially those with ties to Louisiana, accused the company of not understanding the cultural significance of the dish or the ingredients that truly make gumbo unique. As a company that specializes in all manners of southern delicacies, and has deep ties to the culture of Louisiana itself, it was up to Savoie’s to set the record straight and show the world how to make the dish that has been a part of South Louisiana’s culture since the turn of the 19th century.

As lovers of all things tasty, BBR was more than happy to help create a recipe video that highlighted Savoie’s respect for the dish and the culture that surrounds it. Beyond teaching people how to make gumbo, the video would also help showcase Savoie’s products in a modern way while connecting them to hungry audiences through social media channels.

The video, shown below, was a huge success. With almost 20,000 views and hundreds of likes and shares across multiple social media accounts and channels, our Cook Like a Cajun℠ video positively impacted Savoie’s Foods reputation as the ambassadors of true southern cooking.