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Identifying Prospects Using NAICS and SIC Codes

The first step in targeting prospects by industry and job title

Picking the right form of marketing is critical for success in any industry. However, many types of marketing can’t guarantee direct access to target consumers. That is why businesses can benefit from direct mailing. Direct mailing is a form of advertising that is sent directly to select groups, ensuring that your business’ money is being spent efficiently. For example, you may target executives in the oilfield industry or managers in the financial sector. Identifying your target audience is an important first step. After that, you will want to contact a broker to obtain a mailing list. The trick to getting the right mailing list that matches your marketing needs lies in NAICS and SIC codes.


All businesses in the United States, Canada and Mexico must be registered with the government and other international agencies. This act of registration is used for many purposes including taxes, legal issues and data collection. One such registration is the North American Industry Classification System. NAICS is a code with six digits, and each digit is used to classify a business based on industry and other distinguishing features.

SIC Codes

Unlike NAICS codes, Standard Industrial Classification codes are given by the United States government. These codes are only four digits, but they serve a similar purpose. The government uses SIC codes for data collection, but businesses can also leverage these codes for marketing purposes. Similar to NAICS codes, the first digits indicate the broader industry, and the latter two digits allow the business to be identified more specifically.

By using these SIC and NAICS industry codes, your broker can effectively compile a direct mailing list targeting the right businesses and personnel for maximum marketing impact.

Your Business Marketing Solution

If you are interested in superior marketing strategy, you need the right team. Find a comprehensive marketing firm that can help you design a campaign that brands your business and reaches your primary audience for palpable results.

If you are interested in learning more about direct mailing or other innovative marketing solutions, drop us a line!