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Old Things New: Marketing Strategies Revitalized

In fashion, it is said that all fads come back in style eventually. While fashion fads include bell bottoms and high-rise pants, marketing trends can be just as notable and can seem just as dated. However, thanks to technological innovation, older marketing fads are seeing a resurgence, making them viable options for modern business once again.

Direct Mail

With its reliance on the postal service, direct mail can seem especially dated. Letters, brochures or other print marketing materials get sent directly to potential consumers through this process. Although the postal service has suffered a drop-off in recent years because of electronic alternatives, new developments in technology have made such mailings more effective than ever. With advanced tracking options and the implementation of industry SIC and NAICS codes, it is possible to better control where the mail goes. This not only ensures that the mail gets to the right consumers, but it can also minimize advertising costs to maximize profits. Moreover, with variable digital printing, each piece can have custom URL links, so you know exactly who engaged with your mailings. These advancements have made direct mail more efficient at driving consumers to websites and creating viable leads for new business.

Content Marketing

Most marketing tactics have a heavy sales pitch attached, but content marketing provides extensive information that consumers need to make informed decisions. The trick to content marketing is to create usable, authoritative educational materials, which is why the latest technologies have reinvigorated this tactic for renewed appeal. New media opportunities such as augmented reality have drastically improved content marketing. Augmented reality allows consumers to essentially try out different products without making a purchase. Content marketing has also been helped by offering other shareable online content. Playlists and how-to videos can be used to create a more interactive, intimate experience for consumers, making content marketing more powerful than before.


When the television was first invented, it dramatically changed the way companies interact with consumers. Decades later, the television may seem outdated when compared to the latest mobile technologies. However, technology has again made television advertising relevant. Specifically, it is now possible to track television marketing. With URL and call tracking, you can determine and compare the effectiveness of your television and online marketing efforts, seeing who responds to what ads and why. This type of insight allows businesses to hone their television marketing, directing it at a specific audience for superior results. Television marketing is consistently yielding better results, giving businesses the ability to control their marketing dollars for the maximum impact.

Public Relations

A company invests in public relations to maintain control of its image. Although the notion may seem antiquated, it has more dynamic applications in the modern advertising landscape. PR marketing now focuses on building a brand across all advertising mediums, including social media. Social media has provided a whole new platform for PR marketing, giving businesses the chance to develop and establish a brand that connects with consumers. With this kind of networking potential, influencer marketing has emerged as particularly successful. With influencer marketing, it is possible to form marketing connections with other companies and products, using these connections to gain access to a key demographic. This kind of marketing has proven to be effective, leveraging older marketing methods for the best modern results.

Better Marketing Solutions

Keep in mind that, no matter how old a tactic may seem, with new market applications and fresh ideas, anything can be made new. The key to a successful marketing strategy depends on a tight balance of these tools and tactics, both old and new. Through accurate tracking, metric analysis and new technology, you and your team should have the means to increase leads efficiently and effectively. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about any of the previously mentioned marketing strategies, drop us a line!