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Creating an Effective Marketing Plan in a COVID-19 World

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Is Your Marketing Plan a Bust Post-Coronavirus?

Although you may have already established a marketing and sales plan for 2020, COVID-19 turned things upside down, and now marketers are trying to find new ways to meet goals or adjust expectations.

Whether your marketing program is lacking or needs adjustment — or perhaps you’re new to marketing plans altogether — you can Be a Marketer by following these simple steps to create a plan that works for your business in today’s new landscape:

  1. Consult Your Team: Sales and marketing are interdependent on one another, and there should be discussions and alignment between the two departments. Lots of companies have the same person operating both roles. Take time to wear each of the hats separately, if this is the case. Make sure management gives clear expectations for both sales and marketing, or present to them the best way to approach meeting the organization’s goals. The important thing here is to define each role’s lane but remain united.
  2. Define Your Goals: Getting more business is a goal for most companies, but you can break that down into smaller goals that can be measured separately. What are your monetary goals? How many new clients do you wish to take on? What is your company’s capacity for new clients? What size account is your ideal client? These types of questions can help better define these goals.
    Perhaps there are also some softer goals to keep in mind, like reducing the time spent courting new clients. BBR recommends sticking to about five goals for the year and keeping them short, sweet and strategy-focused.
  3. Strategize Your Approach: Regularly communicating with your audience is a great way to build your current client revenue, but establishing a lead generation program allows your company to go outside your current list to reach potential clients or new buyers. Tying your tactics to strategy and connecting them to specific goals will strengthen your marketing plan by giving you clear objectives to work towards.
  4. Use Actionable Tactics: Defining your tactics for each strategy allows your entire team or company to know what you are working on each day, month and quarter towards the greater goal. These details could include things like: ensuring your database of contacts is in great shape, connecting with new contacts via LinkedIn or at networking events, establishing a content plan for communication with your audience, or planning ahead for your busy time of year.
  5. Pay Attention to Timing and Pacing: A marketing plan works for you, not the other way around. Be specific about which goals you want to attack for a specific quarter or month. Plan out your approach so that you have deadlines to get through initiatives. A 30-60-90 day plan works well when you’re rapidly trying to improve a facet of your marketing. Sometimes it may feel like there’s way too much to do at once, so consider pushing less pressing strategies to a less busy time of year.
  6. Know When to Remain Steadfast and When to Pivot: In a post-COVID-19 world, we know the importance of pivoting to a new direction. So if something isn’t working, or there is a more urgent strategy to meet an opportunity, it’s ok to change course. Maintaining your core goals and having regular check-ins on your status of these initiatives will keep you on track and management happy knowing your progress.

A sales and marketing plan is a major component to the alignment and success of your business. Nobody knows your business like you do, and taking the time to create a plan for your year inspires your team, ensures accountability and provides actionable ways to grow business.

The Be A Marketer series is your monthly insight into what today’s marketer is doing to safeguard the future of their business. If you have any questions regarding this content or any other marketing, branding or digital program, please contact Allison McElligott, BBR’s Marketing Manager at [email protected] or 337-233-1515.