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Letters from the CEO

BBR Creative Participates in Our First-Ever CreateAthon — with Stellar Results

After 28 hours, multiple pieces of the best fried chicken ever, Edie’s biscuits, a baby bottle of red wine, no sleep and a carafe of coffee — my personal contribution to the first-ever BBR CreateAthon came to a climax when our team presented an unbelievable array of creative marketing and communications products to three worthy Acadiana nonprofits.

It was one of the most fun, rewarding and exhilarating times that I can ever remember spending at BBR, and I am thrilled that we elected to participate in this phenomenal experience.

During a 28-hour timeframe from October 24 to October 25, 2019, BBR shut down regular operations and joined forces with CreateAthon, the marketing industry’s leading nationwide pro bono program, to use our team’s time and talent for the betterment of our community. We selected Miles Perret Cancer Services, the Children’s Museum of Acadiana and The Family Tree Information, Education & Counseling Center to be the recipients of our work during this time frame.

Armed with specific challenges, our staff divided into three teams, each dedicated to one nonprofit, and sprang into action. We rallied together to create branding initiatives; marketing, public relations and fundraising plans; creative materials in print and digital formats; and more to benefit the nonprofits, meet their specific marketing needs and grow awareness of their individual causes.

The night consisted of roundtables, laptop working sessions with large wall sticky notes, lots of dialogue, conversation and brainstorming. Folks did jobs they normally don’t do — video creation, website updates, word search puzzle creation and radio script development.

To “fuel the creative process,” local vendors — such as Rêve Coffee RoastersPanera BreadRascal’s Cajun RestaurantAnother Broken EggKitchen on Klinton and Edie’s Biscuits — graciously donated food and beverages to keep the BBR team fed and focused.

Our awesome photographer friend, Jamie Orillion, stuck with us through the entire project and not only provided the Children’s Museum with some awesome new photography, but also shot and edited video for our behind-the-scenes confessional booth, Midnight Relay Race and 3am Dance Party.

Work Delivered

The amount of work that we produced for these three nonprofits over a 28-hour period of time was phenomenal. We created and delivered over 100 different deliverables, which included:

  • Custom, onsite photoshoot that resulted in a library of fresh images for the Children’s Museum of Acadiana
  • Templated system of marketing materials for in-house customization by the Museum
  • Website refresh for The Family Tree, including new service pages and rewritten copy
  • An original Corporate PowerPoint Presentation for The Family Tree
  • A comprehensive Google Adword campaign for The Family Tree
  • Revamped Miles Perret’s “Change for Miles” Program with an update of all marketing materials and a fresh toolkit
  • Promotional video for Change for Miles to get school kids engaged with the program
  • 12 “do it yourself” media, social and PR documents, which included advice, resources, media lists, social media best practices and content guidelines

Visit our gallery of images to check out the fun that we had during the process and get a glimpse of the work we created.

Turns out that, in giving back, we received. We had fun and became a stronger team through the process. I hope the work we did during CreateAthon somehow inspires you to think of ways that your team may be able to give back to the community — all while strengthening skills and camaraderie.

And remember: You’re creative, too.