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Closer Look: TABASCO Country Store® Holiday Email Campaign 2018

tabasco holiday email campaign

In the online retail space, there’s no better season for boosting business than the fourth quarter. Expecting sales, customers hoard all of their precious pennies until the final three months of the year. They then unleash their buying power all at once on companies that play their cards very right.

Without consistent — and memorable — advertising leading up to this time, however, online retailers have little to no chance of competing for consumer hearts and wallets. With this challenge in mind, effective email marketing must be executed at a very high level.

After all, email is a direct connection to the eyeballs of a potential audience and a great way to make it on their shortlist — before the Black Friday and Cyber Monday floodgates open.

New Season, New Needs

Each holiday season, BBR develops a new look for the TABASCO Country Store® e-marketing campaign. The TABASCO Country Store® website, an eCommerce sister site to the brand’s main website, has always held an important role in generating online conversions for the hot sauce brand.

This year, we wanted to play with their standard email layout to create something visually enticing that would stand out from the noise of holiday offers in your inbox. Our regular template typically leads with a promotional headline, which is then followed by product callouts and recipe ideas. It’s strong and functional, but doesn’t fully lend itself to the playfulness we wanted for the holiday messaging.

Experimenting with element placement, we wanted to lean heavier on creative, non-promotional headlines and develop visuals that would draw the recipient down to the promo information — showcasing all of the product callouts en route.

A Streamlined Style

Designed to be breathable and attention-holding, the new holiday style features a single, open spread with only a handful of featured products. The vertical orientation and continuous image helps draw the reader’s eye down the page, landing on a single promotion and call-to-action.

“We wanted to rethink the standard for how our emails are displayed — all while introducing a refreshing visual that keeps the viewer engaged.”

Kellie Viola, Art Director

Additional elements have all been moved below the fold and are kept to a minimum so as not to upstage the featured promotion. This simplified design now pairs well with any linked page, and crisp lifestyle photography matches the aesthetic of the new TABASCO Country Store site.

“From here, we plan to continue evolving the TABASCO Country Store® email template design to keep up with the brand’s emerging visual style,” says Viola. “It’s a challenge, but we’re more than prepared.”

What do you think of the refresh? Real hot or real not? Shoot any comments or questions over to [email protected].