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So In Right Now: Summer Internship Tales

BBR summer internship recap interview blog photo

Contrary to most internships, our interns aren’t reduced to being minions or errand runners: They are valued members of our team who are encouraged to participate and contribute their ideas.

Given hands-on opportunities, interns are able to learn from senior team members and gain valuable experience on real-life agency projects. They also have the freedom to learn and develop skill sets such as copywriting, project management, client service, media research and social media engagement.

This summer, we had four dynamic, outgoing interns who were eager to learn and ready to dive right into the world of marketing and advertising!

Our interns were:

  • Jacob Grasch, Account Service: a senior majoring in marketing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
  • Carmen Calderon, Consumer Insights: a student pursuing a dual degree in international trade & finance and French at Louisiana State University.
  • Allison Vizzi, Product Development: a student pursuing a Fine Arts degree with a graphic design major and a business administration minor at the University of Florida.
  • Darby Murphy, Project Management: a student currently working towards a Masters in business administration at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

What was your primary job focus over the summer?

Jacob: I was asked to research potential new clients and curate a contact list for acquisition. I worked alongside the account service team members to aid in client relations and in the creative process by brainstorming and presenting potential marketing campaigns designed to solve client problems. I also created a client industry trends report to help inform decision making.

Carmen: I was tasked with assisting in research for different client projects as well as continuing education for the Insights team. I would be assigned topics they wanted to know more about, or that were relevant to the job, in order to discuss with a client.

Allison: I was working on a project separate from BBR work that my supervisors and I agreed upon.  I started the initial design work for an imagined French cafe and bakery, treating the project as I would for a real client. Also, I was invited to observe different meetings and a video shoot to learn about different roles in the creative department.

Darby: I worked primarily with the project management team, but occasionally I floated to different departments for other projects. I attended meetings, completed research projects, organized project management files, proofed websites and blogs, approved budgets, pulled billing, interviewed and organized documents for a Lead Assessment survey and assisted with projects.

What was the best part of your internship experience?

Jacob: My favorite moments were the weekly discipline orientations. The whole reason I chose to get an internship was to learn about the different departments that make up an agency as well as the industry as a whole. I believe these orientations by people who specialize in each discipline gave me information I am not getting through my college classes.

Carmen: The best part of my internship was getting to learn something new every day. I even went on a field trip to Stuller’s and held a gold brick valued at $500,000! In addition, I’ve gotten to see the behind-the-scenes of how much goes into a customer experience and the brands and products I love. Before my internship, I didn’t fully understand the difference between marketing and advertising. Now, I’ve found myself listening to podcasts, paying attention to ads and wording, exploring why I’m seeing it and checking out books on consumer behavior!

Allison: I really enjoyed the family environment of BBR—people really seem to enjoy working at this agency and working together! I could see it in the way BBR celebrates birthdays together and takes time on Fridays to decompress at the end of the week. This type of work environment is something that’s important to me, and it’s definitely something I will look for when searching for a job.

One other thing that I really enjoyed, and completely was not expecting, was the individual department meetings set up for the interns. I feel like learning about the other roles at an advertising agency helped me better understand the work I do and the role of the creative department at BBR.

Darby: Meeting everyone at BBR and learning about all of the different disciplines and how they work together!

How did you change as a person after this experience?

Jacob: My desire to find a career in marketing, as well as my general knowledge of the industry, has only been strengthened by this experience.

Carmen: I am DEFINITELY a more aware consumer, and I’m more appreciative of all the work that goes behind getting a product from B2C or B2B. I also find that I have gained confidence in myself just by getting to practice and expand my knowledge of business in general and the amount of vocabulary I learned this summer. Actually, I would definitely say vocabulary is by far the best thing I’ve learned, in addition to general knowledge on fundamental concepts and ideas in the advertising realm that you should know before pursuing a career.

Allison: I believe I grew this summer by learning better processes for design. In school, the professors often try to speed up important parts of the working process, but here I had the time to slow down and focus on the initial steps, such as research, to better inform and guide my design later. Also, as a student, I’m more interested in taking coding courses while I’m still easily able to, as I’ve seen by example the benefits that understanding coding has for a graphic designer.

Darby: I gained a lot of knowledge on a different side of agency life. Working with the project managers and account executives has allowed me to learn more about the behind the scenes and client-related elements that I’ve never touched before. I can now see how all things are connected in an agency and how important it is to have that mindset.

What did this experience do for you with respect to your specific career development?

Jacob: This experience not only provided me with the ability to put meaningful industry experience on my resume, it also gave me an opportunity to ask questions of experienced experts that help to bridge the gap between what I learn in classes and what goes on in the real world.  

Carmen: Having this internship at BBR has opened my eyes to so many new potential directions and interests of mine. I’ve definitely discovered the consumer side of business vs. operational is where I’d like to go. And because of my research for consumer insights and strategy, I’ve learned so much about different types of businesses and technology that will be useful in any future digital marketing career.

Allison: A lot of knowledge of a specific career comes from learning on the job. While working at BBR, I was able to see some of those on-the-job tips and tricks that help form the creative department. This experience helped me better understand how an agency works and gave me a better idea of what to expect from other companies as well. I don’t know my exact career path yet, but this internship has helped me set expectations for myself and for what I am looking for in a job.

Darby: As someone who’s worked in an agency before, I think the most beneficial part of my internship in terms of career development was learning how BBR operates. The business processes and management styles are completely different from the previous agency I worked for, leading to a much more efficient workflow.

That’s a Wrap

They love us, they really love us. BBR would like to send a huge THANK YOU to our summer interns—this summer wouldn’t have been nearly as cool without you!

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