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Photo Essay: Shakers, Knives & Irons

You’ve never seen anything like award-winning food photographer Romney Caruso’s mysterious and extraordinary visual collection. We promise.

Enter Romney Caruso, an award-winning photographer whose paired passions of portraiture and food have helped him create a stunning — and somewhat enigmatic — visual collection of culinary culture.

His photo essay, Shakers, Knives & Irons, is an exploratory dive into the hidden world of cooking, cocktails and craftsmanship — with a deeply human twist.

Through Caruso’s lens, we see individual stories brought to life — stories from subjects as diverse as the American palate: decorated artisans, aficionados and gourmands who are sharpened by their craft, and shaped by their love of food.

The collection’s first exhibit was held at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum in July of 2017. Shakers, Knives & Irons is currently showing at the Pacific Food and Beverage Museum in Los Angeles.

Romney Caruso, Food Photographer
504-450-8127 /
New Orleans, LA