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BBR’s Durand Designs King Cake Baby Shirt for Dirty Coast

king cake baby tshirt design by burt durand

Senior Art Director Burt Durand recently contributed a new design to Dirty Coast’s collection of Mardi Gras-themed tees. The graphic features the familiar face of the New Orleans Pelicans’ most infamous mascot, King Cake Baby.

This big-eyed, rattler-wielding mascot is a seasonal sight on the Pelicans’ sidelines, making appearances only during Mardi Gras season games and promotional events. He’s loved by most and (probably) feared by many. As the cult fandom around him mounted, so did his marketability as a shirt.

Durand was first approached by the Dirty Coast with the idea and charged with illustrating the final design. “Their Creative Director, Blake Haney, fed me the line ‘Nobody Puts King Cake Baby in a Corner,’ and I ran with it,” Durand says. “I think they know how much [King Cake Baby] means to me.”

Dirty Coast is a locally owned T-shirt and culture shop located in New Orleans. You can view and purchase the shirt at the company website.