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BBR’s Durand Creates Mural for Lafayette Dat Dog

excerpt of dat dog mural in downtown lafayette louisiana

Back in early 2016, when New Orleans-famous food chain Dat Dog first announced Lafayette would house its newest location, the city’s creative wheels started turning. Best known for its big, decadent hot dogs, each Dat Dog location also features eccentric, localized wall art—that’s where we came in.

Initial mural sketch for Downtown Lafayette Dat Dog Mural.
Initial sketch for Downtown Lafayette Dat Dog Mural.

BBR first reached out to Dat Dog’s Director of Marketing, Victoria Verhagen, in June of 2016 to negotiate a potential mural design for both downtown Lafayette and the new location. The idea was to develop a mural alongside the new location that would represent both Downtown Lafayette and Dat Dog.

“The design process was a fun experience because I knew I was creating something that could resonate with both Lafayette and a beloved franchise,” says Senior Art Director Burton Durand.

After getting the green light, he got to work developing options combining elements of Cajun culture with Dat Dog’s signature style. After a year of review, the Dat Dog marketing team chose a design, which has since been painted along Dat Dog’s north-facing wall by mural artists, Brett Chigoy and Chris Pavlik.

work in progress shot of downtown lafayette dat dog mural

“It’s not every day that I get to draw anthropomorphic Cajun jam murals, so I really went all out,” Durand says.

Dat Dog officially opened on Sept. 30 to a crowd of hungry Lafayettians. You can view the completed mural along E. Cypress Street across from the Rosa Parks Transportation Center. Grab a dog, and check it out!

burton durand with completed dat dog mural in downtown lafayette