BBR Senior Art Director Lands Placement in Communication Arts

May 19, 2017

Communication Arts, the largest professional journal for visual artists, holds an annual competition where practitioners of the pen and brush submit their best works for a chance at global recognition. This year’s competition included almost 4,000 entries judged by a five-person panel of industry veterans – with only 178 winners being chosen from the lot. In little ol’ Lafayette, one Senior Art Director rose to the top of the artist battle royale victorious, clutching a shirt donned with a mythological pig-beast that would serve as his championship belt.

That man was Burt Durand, who won in the Advertising category for a design he created in part with local shirt company Parish Ink. When asked about his inspiration for the kraken-like pig sitting front and center of the black t-shirt, Burt “wanted to make the concept as metal as possible, which they [Parish Ink] heartily agreed to.”

As one of only 42 winners in his category, he’ll earn the privilege of having his design printed in Communication Arts’ Illustration Annual, which will be distributed to over 30,000 people across the world. As one of the oldest design industry publications, earning that honor is one an artist doesn’t take lightly, and many attribute it as their Mt. Everest – an almost once-in-a-lifetime event that shows you’ve got the skills to pay the bills.