Meet Meemaw: Cajun Country Rice Gets New Face for Social

February 20, 2017

BBR recently worked with Cajun Country Rice to develop a new video campaign for the rice producer’s social media presence. Although Cajun Country Rice’s Facebook page saw success with over 20,000 page likes, post engagement had declined due to the platform’s feed algorithm update. The change now gives priority viewing to video content produced by pages on Facebook, as opposed to typical image or link-share posts.

In response, we decided to experiment with a series of short, lighthearted clips we felt would resonate well with Cajun Country Rice’s target audience. The idea was to incorporate the sauciness of Cajun culture and tone of Cajun Country Rice into a living, breathing representative of the brand. And so, Meemaw was born.

The first video, posted five days before Christmas, saw an immediate spike in organic engagement compared to its non-video counterparts. After boosting, the video ended with over 1,000 shares, 800 likes and nearly 200,000 people reached. Since then, CCR has released its second Meemaw video, which has continued the trend of impressive results.