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Blondes Have More Fun

We’re so proud of BBR’s Cathi Pavy for being honored with the inaugural Jillian Johnson Award for Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy. Check out this great article from ABiz about Cathi’s influence on the advertising profession and the local community.
Cathi Pavy, center, with BBR employees at the award luncheon.
Cathi Pavy, center, with BBR employees at the award luncheon.

Sitting at a wired-up desk, the room lighted by a wall-sized projection screen, Cathi Pavy occupies a swivel chair sporting West-coast ergonomics. Through the glass wall behind her, the life-sized counterpoint of her husband Francis Pavy’s paintings provides a backdrop equally at home in Silicon Valley.

Pavy’s full-service media firm, BBR Creative, has for 18 years operated on the cusp of boutique branding and marketing for a who’s who of national, state and local clients. Insofar as advertising is parcel of the language of the modern world, Pavy’s voice is driving the way Louisiana talks about itself. Since the beginning, BBR — the firm takes its name from Blonde-Brunette-Redhead, a nod to founders Pavy, Cherie Hebert and Sara Ashy — has been in your conversation, furtively changing Louisiana’s out-of-state image through projects for clients like Louisiana Economic Development, One Acadiana, CODOFIL and Festival International de Louisiana. Her work as chief creative officer has pitched a line of string out to prodigal Acadians with campaigns like 2014’s “Come Home, Louisiana,” which courted the return of Louisiana-born talent in diaspora and in need of a reason to come home that isn’t a hot bowl of gumbo and a kiss from mom or dad.

“We should think creatively about who we can be as a city. There’s so much potential here. I’m also just very competitive, and I’d hate to see some other city surpass us,” Pavy, our inaugural winner of the Jillian Johnson Award for Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy, tells ABiz. The award is named for the dynamo designer-musician-community activist tragically killed in the Grand Theatre shooting in July.

For the full article in ABiz, click here.