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7 Things People Need Your Brand to Be

Think about your friends — each one has a different personality and leaves a different impression on you. Your organization’s brand is the impression it leaves on consumers. Your brand communicates with its publics through many different channels — advertising, social media, news, packaging and word of mouth. Your brand should aim to identify with its target audience through all modes of communication. Read on for 7 things that people expect of your brand:

1. Consistent

Consistency is key — you don’t want to be that friend that is all over the place and doesn’t really know what he/she believes in. Establish things that your brand likes and wants to stand for, and stick to those principles when establishing a communication strategy.

2. Personable

Standoffish doesn’t work well, especially in today’s social media-heavy world. People want to feel like they are a part of your brand and can reach you with their concerns/praise/love. Your brand should be able to have a dialogue with your customers, so open all lines of communication through social media and on your blog.

3. Relatable

If people can’t relate to your brand because it feels foreign and uncommon, people will not buy your product or service, and interactions will either be negative or feel forced instead of comfortable. Let your target audience know that your product was made with them in mind by staying true to their likes and interests in your communication strategy. Understand where they’re coming from.

4. Reliable

No one likes a flake. Follow through on the promises that you make your customers and be sincere in your delivery. Be a brand that people can count on and depend on.

5. Interesting

People don’t want to feel like they’re talking to a cardboard box when interacting with your brand – although cardboard boxes can be entertaining. Keep your communication tactics fresh and appeal to your target audience’s interests.

6. Engaging

Two-way communications, people. Two-way. Don’t talk at your consumers — talk with them. Create content that makes them a part of your brand and that they will share, love and identify with. There’s one model of communication that brands should be paying special attention to: two-way symmetrical communications. It is defined as “using communication to negotiate with publics, resolve conflict, and promote mutual understanding and respect between the organization and its publics.” When lines of communication are open, people trust in and engage with brands.

7. Real

Be real and true in all of your communications. People appreciate sincerity. Don’t fabricate an identity that you wish your brand could be… Practice what you preach. BE THAT PERSON. BE THAT BRAND. Communication strategies start at the top and make their way down. Employees working for the truest brands understand the brand message and are able to communicate the message effectively.