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5 Tips for Creating Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

When it comes to direct marketing to consumers, we’ve come a long way from “junk mail.” Direct mail campaigns are becoming more efficient, more relevant and more fun! If you are challenged with reaching a new group of customers this year (and let’s face it – who isn’t?), here’s some simple steps to get you on your way to a direct mail campaign that won’t be filed in the trash.

Target your Audience

Take advantage of the intuitive (and even sometimes creepy) targeting that mail lists have to offer these days. Do you want men, aged 35-54 with an income of $100,000+ per year that play golf more than twice a month? You got it. How about single young women, with a college degree that have a dog and go grocery shopping once a week? If you can dream up your perfect client or customer, chances are a mail list can target those people directly, which lets you speak only to your most desired and most likely revenue sources.

Make it stand out

A direct mail campaign doesn’t have to be just an oversized postcard that will get lost in the pile of bills, circulars and birthday cards. Use your imagination! Give your mail pieces some character. Personalize it for your customer. Make it neon yellow. Go with a non-traditional size. And if your budget allows and your list is targeted just so, dream up something that simply cannot be forgotten. Here’s a little inspiration from how the Washington State Wine Commission got the attention of a select group of Sommeliers and bloggers.

Make them take action

Be very straightforward about the action you want your audience to take. Drive them to your website or social media page. Ask them to call and mention the mailer. Tell them to visit your place of business. Keep it simple and make it obvious!

Do it again…and again

Generally it takes someone seeing a message at least 3 times to incite an action. Plan to purchase a multiple use list so you can reach out to your prospects over and over again. If you can’t budget for three mass-mailings, think about other marketing tactics that can support your direct mail message like online advertising or social media.

Track your results

Knowing if your direct mail campaign was successful is crucial. It is important to track your results with things like a call tracking number, dedicated URL, coupon code or special promotion used only for that mail piece. Seeing your results will help you gauge your future mail campaigns in terms of targeting and budgeting.