Of Pies and Personnel: Emergenetics Personality Profiling

April 16, 2012


Ah….the results were telling. Red and yellow you could just gorge on, for days on end, warm and generous and full. Blue and green were the sad remains of a pie-lover’s nightmare – stingy, paper-thin slices. In that moment, looking at the division of colors in my pie chart, I could see my whole life story.

Emergenetics is a personality profiling system, a tool to define a person’s natural behavioral and thinking characteristics. The answers one submits to an online self-assessment questionnaire generates your Emergenetics profile, revealing a pattern of thinking and behavior traits that defines how you think, work, create and communicate. Your Emergenetics profile is made up of 4 colors that represent the way you “think.” Blue is for Analytical; green  for Structural, red for Social and yellow is for Conceptual preferences.

The higher the percentage of a particular color, the stronger your preference for that “thinking” attribute and all that it encompasses. Your profile is further defined by 3 “behavioral” attributes: Expressiveness, Assertiveness and Flexibility. These 3 “behavioral” attributes differentiate the Emergenetics personality profile from other personality assessments. It  explains why two people with similar color charts can have such different personalities. Two people might have similar preferences for analytical and structural ways of thinking (Blue-Green), but be completely opposite in terms of flexibility or interacting with others.

A comprehensive report for each profile includes a colored pie chart and bar charts for your “thinking” and “behavior” results, as well as accompanying explanations of how you approach problem-solving; conflict; group environments; and other interesting information to define ideal environments, communication modes and even jobs. Of what use is Emergenetics to a company, besides a fun afternoon of comparing pie charts amongst colleagues with many hilarious “A-ha!” moments? A company can use Emergenetics to define the make-up of their current staff to assess strengths and weaknesses in business operations.

Ideally, profile information ensures that job functions of employees match their “thinking/behaving” preferences. Learning about the differences in how others think and behave leads to better communication and work relationships. A business could use Emergenetics screening to hire the ideal candidate for an open job position. A company may consciously hire someone whose profile shows a specific color or behavior preference to balance their overall company profile. Ideally, the goal of a healthy, well-running company is to have a collective, balanced color palette. All percentages of Emergenetics profiles are derived from a national database of 350,000 participants.

BBR Creative showed an extremely high percentage collectively for the Yellow (Conceptual) attribute (compared against a national average), which is natural for what you would desire in your creative agency. However, we value and recognize the people within our agency who also show strong preferences for Green (Structural), as they are integral for getting jobs accomplished, on time and within budget. There is a lot of data collection and research affiliated with our campaign strategies, making Blue (Analytical) attributes valuable, and anyone who has attended our beer bash can attest to our strong Red (Social) side. Since our Emergenetics seminar we now display our colored pie charts on our desk.

In the scurry of creative brainstorming, production details, client emergencies and deadlines, it’s always nice to keep in mind personality differences when you approach someone with a new idea or (gulp!) an issue. And Camille, our articulate, expressive and wonderful Emergenetics Associate coordinator, points out that if you lack a particular color, it absolutely does not mean that you can never be analytical, imaginative, expressive, social, assertive, etc. It simply means that it might be against your natural inclination to think and behave a certain way. And behaving against your nature takes more conscious time, effort and energy. But anyone who is motivated and willing to put in the extra time and energy is capable of change. This probably explains why the same people need reminders about missing timesheets. And why certain people are early for meetings and the same ones who seem to run late. And the reason why I’m exhausted at the mere thought of reading instructions to hook up a DVD player.

I look with longing at Kristen’s pie chart, her expanse of green so solid – tangible proof of the discipline which drives her calm mornings, her ability to set and follow strict timelines, the glory of her home closets that are organized by item and color. I want to scoop up her green and add it to my own, in order that I might improve – pack a daily, healthy lunch; go to bed earlier; send out holiday cards that don’t have the word, “Christmas” scratched out and “Easter” filled in. It’s that darn red expanse (Social) that prevents me from getting rid of holiday cards altogether. But looking at her pie chart and mine together, I do notice that her colors are a great balance to mine. In terms of a professional team, we make a wonderful duo. It’s just too bad we’re not married….. For more information about Emergenetics and how it can help YOUR business, contact Camille Pavy Claibourne APRN, PhD.; Emergenetics Associate, ERI Services; email; Phone: (337) 344-5856.