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Launching Our Lady of Lourdes

As a young girl who began her college career in nursing, I can honestly say I have always had an affinity to healthcare. Truth be told (or as told by my husband), I would have made a horrible nurse, due to my weak stomach and lack of emotional restraint (I cry easily). So, after two semesters of nursing, I traded in my anatomy and physiology books for easels and X-Acto knives.  Fast forward twenty-plus years and here I sit, developing marketing and branding campaigns for hospitals and healthcare entities on a daily basis. The most recent and most incredible? The new Our Lady of Lourdes hospital campaign.

BBR was honored to be chosen to work on the grand opening campaign for the new $211 million Lourdes hospital. For the agency, it meant the opportunity to participate in an historic milestone for our community — not only celebrating a healthcare legacy but also launching Lafayette’s medical future. For me personally, it was an eye-opening experience.

After months of meetings and countless hard-hat tours, I saw firsthand literally years of planning and hard work come to life.  I was impressed by the individual effort of the many people it took to build this facility from the ground up, and amazed by the thought and detail that went into every aspect of the new hospital.

The hospital boasts the latest and greatest technology — this is to be expected. But it also boasts thought leadership, which is displayed in the use of evidence-based design in planning the new facility. Designers first studied and considered every single step that nurses and doctors take in caring for their patients in a regular hospital environment. Using that information, they developed floor plans and technologies for the new hospital that allow for fewer steps between departments, saving time and saving lives.

This means that nurses can spend more time at the patient’s bedside, with nursing “pods” conveniently located to access supplies more readily, and medications literally at their fingertips.

By the same token, architects designed rooms with larger windows to allow the healing power of sunlight in. Gardens and water features bring calm to patients and families. This is a hospital that doesn’t actually feel like a hospital — it feels like a true place of healing. It’s total tranquility, powered by sophisticated technology.

Rewind twenty-plus years to me daydreaming in biology lab. I never imagined that I would be a part of such a pivotal moment in Lafayette’s healthcare community. Thank you, Lourdes, for allowing our team the opportunity to work with you. From everyone here at BBR, we offer best wishes to you in your new, fabulous home!

Photos by Will Crocker