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Born in the heart of New Orleans, CC’s Coffee House is synonymous with bold, Louisiana flavor. So when the heritage brand turned to us to reposition the coffee house as a brand independent of their parent company, Community Coffee, we gave them everything they needed to serve up an even bolder, fresher future.

Focusing on coffee

Focus Groups

First, we connected with consumers, obtaining qualitative and quantitative data and providing insight into the framework for what would become the new CC’s Coffee House guest experience.

Old Community Coffee Logo

Before & After

New Community Coffee Logo

Subtle enough to maintain 18 years of brand integrity, but bold enough to usher in a new chapter, the redesigned CC’s Coffee House logo marked the first of many changes.

Brand Messaging Guide

Chronicling everything from mission and values to guest interaction, the CC’s Coffee House brand messaging guide unites every store behind one voice and serves as the definitive handbook for hospitality.

Culture Videos

Brand culture videos, produced and shared during the campaign buildup, capture the essence of the new CC’s Coffee House experience and stylistically vocalize the brand promise.

One Big Day.One Very Big Giveaway.

With all essential elements in place, it was time for a reveal. What would culminate in a three-day brand launch tour began with a social media teaser campaign, public relations blitz and one very big giveaway.

Social Media

A Facebook campaign “spilled the beans” on the brand refresh, exchanging Likes for a sneak peek of the new logo, promoting launch events at flagship New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette stores and sharing information about how to win the big giveaway — free CC’s for a year.

$50,000impression value (one month)

820,000media impressions

In the end, CC’s Coffee House unveiled a bolder, fresher brand, resulting in a groundswell of support from loyal followers and piquing the interest of a whole new generation of guests.