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Cox Communications was a major sponsor of the New Orleans Saints and had experienced success with their 2013 Cox Superfan video. BBR helped them take their game to the next level by creating a popular Superfan social media contest and more.

Social Media Campaign

Snap. Tag. Win.

Social media engagement by Saints fans was driven by a fun and entertaining #NextSuperfan photo contest. The promotion was executed via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and included cost-effective paid promotion/advertising on Cox Communications and CST. Facebook ads and outdoor media also were utilized.

TV and Video

A vibrant series of videos — building off the original Saints Superfan concept — was produced, with specific call-to-action messaging for the #NextSuperfan contest. Television spots also were utilized. Visuals and messaging also focused on highlighting Cox’s “even faster” Internet service.

“The BBR team did a fabulous job on developing a concept that would be engaging to the audience, impactful and enhancing to our brand, and memorable. I have worked with agencies in Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego and Los Angeles, and I feel like BBR could compete with any of them.”

Kristin Longley, Regional Director of Marketing Campaign Management


A campaign microsite was created to house the contest and included instructions for photo submissions and voting, as well as details about the prize package.

184contest entries
10.12thousandvotes in the contest
Cox Superfan Promotion Microsite
17.36thousandvisits to the microsite
752invites to enter or vote

Both known for delivering quality entertainment at breakneck speeds, Cox and the Saints were a natural fit. In the end, the promotion was a rousing success that resulted in hundreds of new Superfans.