Branding & Identity Development

Memorable Branding Paired With Identities That Resonate

Branding & Identity Development Capabilities:


What’s in a name? As it turns out, a whole lot. Our copywriters will cross every T and dot every I to ensure your new product or brand name is vetted and memorable.


The image you portray sets the tone for your entire brand. Using creative strategy and market research, we produce a memorable brand identity with depth to effectively resonate with your target audience.


Our team helps you define your mission, vision and values to formulate your brand proposition and promise. Using this, we’ll develop your brand’s platform to find your ultimate position in the market.


Stand out from the competition by depicting your brand’s story through a unique narrative designed to build relationships with consumers. 


Consistency is key, so we provide the creative bible for your brand. With our Brand Standards Guide, you can maintain consistency across all channels while streamlining future production and saving money.


With shelf space at a premium, your products have to pop. Our designers work to find the perfect packaging medium between form and function.

“BBR was instrumental in developing a brand that reflected our position in the marketplace. We needed to convey to our customers a sense of place and heritage. BBR did both creatively and artfully.”

Artboard 1 Jady Regard
Chief Executive Officer
Cane River Pecan Company

What does your brand stand for, and what does this mean to your consumer?

BBR’s Value Mapping and Brand Purpose Tool – an integrated mapping device to help business leaders define their brand purpose, beyond just the product, and tailor their marketing strategy.

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