Messaging & Branding Development Services

Standing out starts with brand identity. If you’re ready to part from the pack, our creative team can help you carve a deeper niche for your services with visual development and messaging that highlights your brand’s unique persona.

Our Branding Services


What’s in a name? As it turns out, a whole lot. Our copywriters will cross every T and dot every I to ensure your new product or brand name is vetted, fitting and memorable.


Hit the messaging mark with clever copy that resonates. From handouts to headlines, we develop collateral that will captivate your audience and accurately represent your brand.

Brand Platform

A key part of brand development, We’ll help your team look inward to define a mission, vision and values that are true to your brand. Using these, we’ll compose a guide for your team that outlines your ultimate position in the market.

Brand Standards Guide

Consistency is key, so we provide a creative bible for your brand. With our Brand Standards Guide, you can maintain consistency across all channels while streamlining future production.

Graphic Design & Illustration

With a foundation rooted in design, we recognize no two brands are alike. Our final product will make your brand stand out and enhance the customer experience to inspire, inform and convert.

Brand Identity/Logo Development

The image you portray sets the tone for your entire brand. Using creative strategy and market research, we produce a memorable brand identity that effectively resonates with your target audience.

Brand Storytelling

Stand out from the competition by depicting your brand’s story through a unique narrative designed to build relationships with consumers.

Label & Package Design

With shelf space at a premium, your products have to pop. Our designers balance form, function and market research to find the perfect packaging for your brand.

Featured Brand Development Case Study

LogoJET Brand Refresh & Messaging


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, LogoJET approached BBR with an overall lack of brand clarity which was hindering client sales and diminishing brand awareness. Through a series of branding workshops, BBR helped the LogoJET team develop their foundational Brand Platform, which outlined brand messaging and templates for the entire team to easily communicate to the market.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

See what our partners are saying about us.

“BBR Creative’s diverse expertise in brand management brought value to the re-positioning of Therapy Center in an industry where competition is fierce. Getting to know our staff, identifying our competitive advantage and developing Therapy Center’s new “brand personality” has been invaluable. Working with BBR has reminded us of our strengths and the value we bring to our industry!”

Steve Coon

OTR/L, MBA, HCA, Owner/Occupational Therapist, Therapy Center

“BBR led our very successful rebranding effort. BBR’s talented professionals analyzed our competitive market place and our company to identify our value proposition. Their team of creative talent then packaged our brand to differentiate and communicate our unique value to our clients and prospective clients.”

Reggie Dupre’

CEO, Dupre’ Logistics, LLC