Service Grants Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BBR Service Grants Program?

We offer full (pro bono) service grants to help nonprofits access our services at no cost. Working as a part of our internship program, our award-winning team will help develop or revitalize your brand and give you the marketing tools you need to make an impact on the communities you serve.

What is a full grant?

A full (pro bono) grant provides creative/marketing services, to be performed by BBR, at no cost to the organization for the scope of services requested.

What services does the grant provide?

The BBR Service Grants Program encompasses a range of marketing and creative services:

  • Graphic Design Services
  • Copywriting
  • Public Relations
  • Media Planning
  • Search Engine Optimization (Not including website development)
  • Social Media

What does the grant NOT cover?

The Service Grants Program does not include website development or web services beyond Search Engine Optimization. Additionally, it does not cover out-of-pocket expenses such as printing, stock photography, placement purchasing for advertising or provide actual dollars to pay for services outside of BBR Creative’s range of services.

If I am awarded a grant will I receive a check for the amount?

No, the BBR Service Grants Program is a services grant meaning that the organization will receive the amount of the grant in services that our staff will perform under the scope of work of the awarded grant.

Can I apply for a grant for more than one project?

Absolutely. While we only award one grant per season, a worthy cause can always catch our eye for an exception — or we may be able to refer you to another organization.

How many grants do you award?

Because we are a small firm and we never want to overpromise and under deliver, we typically only award one grant per program. Our goal is to make good branding accessible to as many organizations as possible — those who might otherwise not have the resources — and to make an impact on the communities that we are a part of.

How often do you accept applications?

Our Service Grants Program is offered alongside each of our internship programs (offered in the spring and fall) in order to give our interns real-world experience working alongside our team of talented creatives.

Do we have to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit?

While we do offer our program to a variety of different organizations — from religious to community — we do require that they be classified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Is there a time frame or deadline to complete the work by?

Because our program coincides alongside our internship program, work is typically completed within the respective semester the service is offered. If accepted, a tentative schedule will be created discussing large milestones, the scope of your project and possible dates of completion.

What if we think our project will take longer or what if we won’t be able to start the project by the start date?

We strive to be flexible and accessible, and will develop a workable project timeline for each grant awarded. Should projects fall out of scope (or need to be extended beyond the given timeline), the resulting shift will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

What if I have an urgent need before your next grant award?

If you have an urgent need prior to award date, have an RFP you’d like to have considered under this grant program or are needing an alternate timeline, please contact us for assistance. We’ll handle these requests on a case-by-case basis.

What is the dollar amount/value of a grant?

There is no specific dollar amount for the grant, but the value of work provided will not exceed a total of $10,000 per semester. Our advisory committee chooses one applicant to receive the full scope of services they’ve applied for at no cost to them, much like a pro bono project.

How do I apply?

Applications are only accepted online during a specific time before each program begins. To stay up to date on when the application process is open, we suggest you keep in touch via social media or by signing up for our newsletter, where we will announce that we are currently taking applications.

Deadline for Fall Award: July 30

Deadline for Spring Award: December 15

Didn’t see your question answered?

While many things are decided on a case-by-case basis, we aim to provide as much information as we possibly can so that organizations can preemptively decide if their project is right for the program. If you need additional information, please contact Emily Burke at