Recruitment Marketing in 2022

August 10, 2022

5 Tips for Enhancing Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

So a hot button in business now is recruitment marketing. My c-suite friends all talk about the difficulty of attracting “good” candidates and hiring the “right” people. HR departments are working night and day to get job postings out on all the right platforms like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn and Handshake. Organizations have had to up salaries and hourly rates and create more enticing packages to retain and attract talent. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there for hiring certain positions.

We have found that now marketing plays a much more important role in the recruiting of employees than ever before. Employers are increasingly using marketing tactics to attract and retain staff.

We have helped several clients with the development of effective recruitment marketing strategies and want to share some things we’ve learned.

1. Job descriptions, organizational structure and compensation packages need to be tight. It should go without saying that these things are in place before you start recruiting, but many businesses don’t take the time to work on these elements. People want to know exactly what they are signing up for. The “good” people want to work for people who have their shit together. They want to know that you thought about the position you are hiring for and are clear on the roles and responsibilities. They want to know what to focus on and their measure of success. They also want to know outside of just their salaries, what are the perks and benefits of the job. Take the time to put this together.

2. Your brand story is important. Prospects are researching you. With multiple options of places to work in a global and hybrid economy, they are digging deeper into uncovering more about your business, your brand and your culture. Young people are looking for the right fit. And if you aren’t telling your story, then who is? Creating your brand story and unique positioning and making sure it is communicated on your website and through social media is an important step to make sure your recruitment marketing efforts are successful.

3. Your online presence and reputation needs to be up to snuff. So when a candidate comes across your job posting, where are they going to go first? Your website. Then your social media channels. Are these items an accurate representation of your business and your brand? Do you have a page or content dedicated to the position? Do they accurately communicate who you are and why you are awesome? One step beyond your own online presence, they will go to online platforms like Glassdoor to check out your reputation. (If you haven’t checked your business out at Glassdoor, you should stop and do that to see what past and present employees are saying about you.)

4. Invest in a recruitment campaign. Assuming you’ve posted your open job descriptions in all of the places that you “should” post. Job postings attract candidates seeking jobs, but we all know that typically the creme de la creme are working somewhere else. So when the going gets tough, the tough invest in a recruitment campaign.

Recruitment campaigns use a myriad of paid advertising and online strategies that focus on repeatedly getting your brand and employment message in front of highly targeted candidates. Candidates are targeted by demographic, behavioral and geographic information. An effective campaign begins with a very well-thought-out strategy which is implemented with high quality images and on-brand messaging that is tracked and measured for effectiveness every step of the way. Campaigns typically drive candidates to your website, which is why it has to be good and have the information they are seeking.

5. Embrace an array of marketing techniques. Recruitment marketing often involves a mix of activities to keep the pipeline filled with candidates for all of the different jobs of any one organization. A professional presence at local job fairs and school/university career day could help – especially if you regularly participate. Other items to help best market your company include:

  • a well-produced video telling the story of your company
  • a professionally-designed and printed rack brochure that highlights employment with your company (the same info that is on a landing page online)
  • an internal referral incentive program, incentivizing your current employees to help solicit new candidates.

The bottom line is that marketing should support HR with recruitment efforts. You will see much more success when these two disciplines work together to keep quality candidates coming in the door.

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