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Take A Sneak Peek at BBR’s Christmas Story

Creatives love Christmas. In the agency world, it is the time of the year when they get to let their spirits soar without too many restrictions to create the agency’s annual Christmas “card.”

Over the past 24 years, we have designed a wide array of clever to quirky Christmas “cards.” From die cut snowflake ornaments to custom illustrated calendars to online social graphics, our graphic designers and copywriters get together in early fall to brainstorm ideas for BBR’s annual holiday mailing.

This year, we moved into a new space. Most of our staff works from home but we needed a place to come together for collaboration, brainstorming and culture-building. So 413 South Pierce Street turned into our “collaboration house.” Built in 1918, by Eliza Quintilla Morgan-Anders, our space is bright and cheery and perfect for gathering. Nothing beats an in-house brainstorming session. 

The Pierce street house was also the inspiration for this year’s holiday card. It tells BBR’s Christmas Story, set in the Morgan-Anders house. And for those of you who appreciate some good, old-fashioned coloring, you can enhance our story with your very own creativity. 

Take a sneak peek at this year’s wonder.

Remember, you are creative too.