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Letters from the CEO

Attracting Customers is Like Feeding Birds


The last eight weeks is the longest time I have ever spent at home in my adult life over a single stretch of time. I now have the luxury of watching birds come to our feeder off of my front porch. We have our regulars: two pairs of doves, a pair of cardinals with their young, and lots of sparrows which offer a steady stream of traffic. We also have an occasional squirrel and a rare bluebird or blue jay. 

“Word of mouth” advertising seems to really work with this community. One little fellow gets in the feeder and purposefully pitches it out to all of his friends.  

I have learned that birds will eat as many seeds as you put out there and the steadier you are at filling the feeder, the more birds the feeder will attract.

Birds eat a lot of seeds. But if you don’t keep putting out the seeds, the birds no longer come. They only come when you advertise, “Free bird seed here!” 

What seeds are you putting out?

Remember, you’re creative too.