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Letters from the CEO

Creating the Life You Love Involves Facing Fear

I feel like I have seen the motto “Do It Scared” all over the internet recently. It seems like the 2019 book written by Ruth Soukup —  Do it Scared: Finding the Courage to Face Your Fears, Overcome Adversity, and Create a Life You Love is very popular. 

Although I have not yet read Soukup’s book — I love this sentiment. 

Are there things in your life that you have always wanted to do, but have not yet done because you are apprehensive? Being scared and overly cautious can definitely hold you back. Personally, one of the things I’ve always wanted to do is go white water rafting. Up until now, I’ve never made it happen, and the older I get, the more intimidated I am about tackling this feat. 

But as chance would have it, I recently spoke to a friend of mine who is my age and very adventurous. She told me that she’s planning a women-only trip this September for a 6-day, 5-night rafting excursion down the Salmon River. And I think to myself: This may be my chance. 

Of course, I was incredibly nervous about commiting. I’m not nearly as physical as I was in my youth – back when I could sleep anywhere and nimbly move from ground to boat without worrying about falling in. Now, I’m used to a very predictable lifestyle — one with no “roughing it” involved.

It’s not like I ever dreamed of rafting the Salmon River, specifically. When she called I didn’t even know where the Salmon River was. (Thank God for Google.) I now know that the Salmon River is located in Joseph, Oregon, and the adventure will start in Clarkston, Washington.

I’m extremely anxious about not being able to properly wash my hair for a week. I don’t like cold weather or water, so bathing in the river is not appealing to me and worse of all, I’m dreading whatever camping toilets consist of. So you may wonder — “Why are you even going?” 

I’m going because I love being on the water. I’m going because I want to get out of the grind of what growing older brings — routine, sameness, regularity, comfort. I’m going because I want to experience life from a different perspective in a place I’ve never been. I’m going because I want to recharge my battery. Because constant creative thinking takes a lot out of me and I need to refill my gas tank. 

Isn’t that something we all need? To recharge and energize our soul? What’s holding you back from doing something you know may enrich your life forever?

In short, yes, I am more than a little nervous to raft for a week. But I recognize that creating the life I love is the most important thing to me, and if it means getting myself out of my comfort zone to do it —  I’m in. 

And remember: You’re creative, too.