BBR Goes Nuts for Cane River Pecan Company’s 50th Season

July 10, 2019

LAFAYETTE, LA – The Cane River Pecan Company of New Iberia, Louisiana and BBR Creative are proud to celebrate Cane River’s 50th season of business and growth this year. Through their strong client-agency partnership over the past 11 years, the milestone was met due to Cane River’s commitment to exceptional product quality and customer service paired with BBR’s branding and digital marketing experience.

From what started as a small town, family-owned business shelling pecans from their garage, Cane River Pecan Co. transformed into an innovative multi-million dollar brand. In 2014, BBR recognized Cane River’s high demand for online sales; therefore, the website was revamped to become a premium gift store. Since then, a team of BBR’s creative engineers came together to construct strategic promotional campaigns through email marketing, search engine optimization, online catalogs and continuous website updates.

While Cane River has always had a core audience of B2B corporate buyers, this shift into more of an e-commerce focus has allowed for growth in the consumer gifting market. BBR made the brand available to a wider audience, which allowed for revenue generation opportunities throughout the year and not just Christmas-specific periods. Through engaging seasonal, holiday and one-time promotions like “20% off Fathers Day Sale” and “10% off for New Subscribers,” BBR exceeded Cane River’s expectations, and products began to fly off the virtual shelves. Today, online purchases account for nearly one third of Cane River’s annual sales. In 2018 alone, revenue increased by 25%, and traffic to the online store increased by 14%.

“During this ever-evolving information age, BBR has still managed to incorporate the unique tone and culture of the brand,” says Jady Regard, Chief Nut Officer at Cane River. “To maintain southern charm while continuously refining our audience-targeting efforts to keep up with today’s competitive e-commerce landscape is BBR’s biggest accomplishment in my eyes. I’ve got nuttin’ but love for BBR.”

BBR’s next move is promoting Cane River’s story during the 50th season by reminding customers how this “little” Louisiana company evolved into a premium gifting brand — all while maintaining its small-town customer care.

“We’re looking forward to many more years of growth with Jady and the Cane River team,” says Daniel Kedinger, vice president of consumer engagement at BBR.

For further inquiries, contact Laurie Fontenot at or 337-233-1515. More information on Cane River Pecan Company products can be found at