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Behind the Curtain: Moving Forward with Lafayette General

lafayette general move forward campaign work article

In the world of advertising, projects that are both creatively and emotionally rewarding are few and far between. More often than not, we find ourselves working with one or the other.

However, Fall of 2018 brought Lafayette General Health to BBR, an exciting opportunity to introduce their dedicated orthopaedic facility to Acadiana. This soon became a project where we were able to develop a unique campaign that inspired both client and agency — and helped reposition how people thought about orthopaedic care. Here’s how it happened.

New Message Meets Old Market

When Lafayette General Health first approached BBR, the hope was to create a brand awareness campaign highlighting the capabilities of their dedicated orthopaedic hospital. Although the orthopaedic hospital was fairly new as far as concept goes, its facility was not. The building has existed in Lafayette for the past 30 years, undergoing a myriad of name changes and ownership along the way. This presented a unique challenge, as we needed to help the public see this location as a new entity.

Additionally, as the only specialty orthopaedic hospital in the region, they needed a broad message that would emphasize the facility’s differentiators from standard facilities while still feeling fresh in a market saturated with healthcare advertisement and marketing.

Photo provided by Lafayette General Health

After an initial discovery meeting, we scoped the campaign to include a host of elements to attract and reach our varied audiences. These pieces included audience-targeted messaging, a microsite, print collateral, social posts, online ads, broadcast video, radio spots, outdoor boards and environmental graphics. In the wild, these would work together across mediums to highlight the hospital’s full service, all-on-one-campus approach to orthopaedic care.

Breaking the Healthcare Ad Formula

Making a comprehensive brand campaign to reinvent how people viewed a location that was, in their minds, all but new was one thing. Getting it to stand out from other local spots in the same industry was another. In order to make both happen, we first had to identify what characterized local healthcare commercials. From there, we could strategically create an ad set that separated itself from the pack.

After a little research, we identified three central elements:

  • Doctor/facility-focused visuals and messaging
  • Informative format with little to no narrative
  • Emphasis on ailments, injuries and stress factors

With these in mind, we went to work developing options that would deviate enough from the formula to give our campaign breathing room and allow it to stand out in the market. We knew our message needed to be patient-centric with an emphasis on future progress — not current pain.

Preliminary mock-ups for ad collateral

Using those parameters as a guide, our team hosted a brainstorm for messaging. The campaign’s final tagline was the first piece to enter the mix: “Don’t just move. Move forward.” It was clean, simple and expressed the exact sentiment we wanted to leave with viewers.

Building upon the line, a visual style slowly took shape, drawing upon empowering imagery and abstract elements from Lafayette General’s logo. These rough concepts were then further fleshed out into mock ads using stock photography and early-stage copy, helping us acquire client buy-in before beginning full campaign production.

Concept Development Mood Board

Moving Lafayette General Forward

After all was said, done, shot and reshot, we ended up with a final product that pushes the boundaries for what could be done in healthcare advertising for a local market.

As a striking contrast from its competitor ad styles, the Move Forward campaign used patient-powered storytelling to depict the outcomes of surgery — not the need for it. This resulted in a tone that was altogether uplifting, emotional and unexpected for many.

With help from the production team at Infinite Focus, we were also able to produce three captivating vignettes that take a strong departure from the formulaic commercial style expected in local markets. These micro stories were based on the three target demographics outlined in concept development, and each feature little to no dialogue — a decision not typically made on the local scale.

With less voice over elements to bog the images down, the stories were able to stand alone and provide a bigger emotional impact for the viewer. Meanwhile, the minutia of facility information was restricted to the hospital’s new microsite and lengthier print and digital ads.

Although our departure from the norm felt scary at first (maybe even more so for our client), the final product speaks for itself. If there’s any overarching lesson to take away from this campaign it’s this: Never underestimate the power of creating your own lane.

Questions about this campaign? Comments or concerns? Send all of your thoughts to [email protected]!