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Food Travel Apps: How to Find Food On the Go

While the fun of traveling is exploring new foods and locales the locals love, it can be difficult to navigate just where you should go and when.

One of the best parts of traveling is exploring new foods and local favorites. There’s no better way to immerse yourself in another culture than trying the food. One of the worst parts of traveling, though, is deciding where to eat. When you’re surrounded with seemingly infinite options, it becomes a lot harder to decide where to grab dinner. Luckily there are plenty of apps to help make that decision easier.

Whether you’re in need of a quick bite or searching for a culinary masterpiece in a chef’s home kitchen, these apps have you covered:

  • Yelp – As the go-to restaurant finder, Yelp is an aggregate of restaurants small and large. You can find user-reviews for almost any restaurant that catches your eye.  [Free – Android, iOS]
  • Roaming Hunger – This app will help you find food trucks across the US & Canada. View present and future locations, menus, and reviews all in one app. [Free – iOS]

For a more refined dive into the culinary pool, use these apps to find the best-of-the-best for every cuisine:

  • Flavour – If you want to know where the perfect pizza is tossed or the tastiest martinis are shaken, Flavour is your ticket to the best of the best. You can search by location, cuisine, dish or a personalized combination of factors to get user-tailored suggestions. With recommendations from chefs and local experts, Flavour helps you discover curated food experiences that will satisfy any craving.  [Free – iOS]
  • Chefs Feed – This app gives you on-the-go recommendations from chefs across the world, complete with suggestions and chef tips for any location. [Free – Android, iOS]
  • Happy Cow – For the vegan or vegetarian in your travel group, Happy Cow will allow you to find vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurants in over 180 countries. While the app has a hefty price tag, the same content is available for free on their website.   [$3.99 – Android, iOS]


If you’re interested in a city’s culture, these apps will help you tap into local food favorites and experiences:

  • Peek – Searching for unique food adventures? Peek has got you covered with a variety of food tour options. They offer a “best price guarantee” and verified reviews to help you find the ideal experience.  [Free – iOS]
  • Localeur – Say goodbye to tourist traps! Localeur picks the brains of real locals to find the city’s tried-and-true favorites. Residents can create and share their “Perfect Day,” which is a curated day-long itinerary for activities, stops and eats in their city — all available for you to use. [Free – iOS]  
  • EatWith & Meal Sharing – There’s nothing better than an authentic, home-cooked meal with good company. EatWith and Meal Sharing are apps that let you find just that almost anywhere in the world. You can book a Japanese cooking class in Tokyo or a tapas dinner in Barcelona. Both feature affordable, personalizable meals (including vegan options) that put you in the kitchens of real locals. [Free – iOS, Android]
  • Feastly – If you’ve ever watched a Netflix documentary and dreamed of dining with a renowned chef, Feastly makes your dreams a reality. You can share a table and a meal with culinary masters, from Michelin-starred pros to top local chefs. Feastly is currently limited to large metropolitan areas. [Free – Web Only]

Have culinary inquiries? Any apps that we missed? Funnel all of your food thoughts to [email protected].