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the705 Professional Mentoring

No one is born knowing how to be a leader. Some people are naturally charismatic or enjoy bossing others around, but good leaders are forged through years of hard work, experience, study and, often, mentorship. That’s why, in 2014, the705 launched a program to connect its members with professional mentorship opportunities here in Acadiana. Now in its fourth year, the program attracts a wide variety of mentors, including lawyers, banking executives, non-profit directors and local elected officials. This year, the pool of mentors was widened to include creative professionals like our own Cathi Pavy, Chief Marketing Officer and founder of BBR Creative.

the705’s Mentor Program was designed to provide our members with direct and exclusive access to local community leaders. We strive to recruit a diverse group of mentors representing a variety of backgrounds and industries in Acadiana,” says Ashley Mudd, board member of the705 and executive director of the Leadership Institute of Acadiana. “With a strong cultural economy in Acadiana, we think it’s important to recruit creative leaders to serve as mentors. Which is why we’re excited that Cathi Pavy is serving as mentor and providing the next generation of leaders with an appreciation for our city’s growing creative economy.”

Over the course of the year, mentors will meet at least four times with their protégés. In addition, the group hosts two mentor/protégé social events to encourage further conversation and networking. After meeting with her protégés for the first time in April, Cathi Pavy couldn’t stop talking about the experience.

“It’s just so inspiring to meet young professionals in our community so passionate about growing as entrepreneurs and leaders,” she said. “I think it’s tremendously important for those of us in a creative business to make the time to provide encouragement and guidance to them.”

-Cathi Pavy

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