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Rock the Box: Amazon’s Prime Placement for New Items

With over 43% of all online retail sales going through Amazon in 2016, it’s no wonder merchants and online stores are flocking to the giant digital marketplace. For buyers, the site has a nearly endless selection of goods for visitors to electronically thumb through, meaning deals abound and a variety of sellers to choose from.

For ecommerce businesses, that means stiff competition and a constant struggle to ensure their product has some visibility in a sea of competitors selling similar (and many times identical) products.

The prime piece of real estate all sellers fight for is called the “Buy Box,” the section of the product detail page where customers can add an item to their cart and begin the checkout process. When you’re selling a unique item, that spot is always yours. But, for anyone offering the same product as a number of other sellers, the Buy Box is a coveted spot that can make or break a business’s success.

What Does That Mean for My Items?

How much does the Buy Box improve sales? According to BigCommerce, an ecommerce development company, a lot. Around 82% of sales on Amazon happen through the Buy Box and, on mobile, that number rises to as high as 90%. So what can sellers do to guarantee their item is always the first one people see?

Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

The bad news is that getting the Buy Box isn’t as easy as simply offering the lowest price, and there isn’t a foolproof solution or math equation that can guarantee a seller ends up first in line. Amazon, as a self-styled source for superior shopping experiences, considers eligibility requirements that include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Available stock and updated inventory levels
  • Excellent customer service

Not keeping these four factors in mind can disqualify vendors completely from being in the Buy Box, causing products to be relegated to the bottom of the list, where few buyers tread.

There’s also no way to guarantee items will always be in the Buy Box. Even if a seller is the best of the best when it comes to pushing product, they’ll only be given a bigger chunk of prime time placement than their competitors who are also working to meet all of the eligibility requirements. As long as they keep items in stock and keep offering a great customer experience, they’ll also be offered the Buy Box every now and again throughout the day.

You Said There’d Be Good News

I did! The good news is that, while getting placed in the Buy Box sounds like a lot of electronic hullabaloo, the “Fulfilled By Amazon” service provided by the company takes care of a number of these requirements, such as inventory management, shipping and customer service. For a fee, of course. But, Fulfilled By Amazon helps boost a vendor’s eligibility for the Buy Box and helps ease the pain and trouble many businesses go through just to get some placement time. That means a lot less stress on a company’s big, electronic shoulders.

For sellers on Amazon, the Buy Box is the golden goose of the digital marketplace, and even a small amount of time placed on the most visible perch can net ecommerce merchants some serious sales. If you’re looking to get your products front and center, give us a call. We’d love to work with you to make your products shine.